Where Will Your Longings Lead You? Photo by Michael Sharpe ©2013

What happens in your body when you feel into your deepest longings, hopes, dreams and desires?

Do you feel expansive and joyful?  Or does fear arise?  That maybe you won’t get there, experience them?  Maybe what you desire seems incomprehensible to your mind, even impossible and so far away from where you currently are?

We all have daily longings, like eating a certain kind of food, lying down to rest or going to a yoga class and we can quite easily fulfill these longings by taking the action based on them.

I consider a ‘longing’ to be a very deep desire, a yearning that is connected to our emotions that we can also feel in our physical body. Longings are deeper and more meaningful than ‘goals’.  Goals = a destination; they are strategic and more mind based, but to me, planning goals are only useful in combination with what your bigger longings are.  Because your longings tell you what you REALLY want and not what you think you should want.

It is the longing that creates the action movement to buy the ingredients to make ourselves that meal, find a cosy blanket to snuggle into for a nap or look up the timetable for the next yoga class and book a spot to go.

So we act daily on what we want based on our longing, be it making a cup of tea or running a marathon.

The Big Ones

But what of those ‘bigger’ longings?…experiencing a deep, intimate and profound love, creating abundance and affluence from doing what you love, travelling the world and having adventures, telling your stories to a big audience?

We can see how easy it is to fulfill our small daily longings and I believe fulfilling our bigger longings can be done in the same way…because the steps towards fulfilling a bigger longing consists of lots of daily longings that lead us to the bigger one.

What longing can you fulfill today that will support you on the journey to your bigger longings?  If it is to meet a great love, then the present longing may be to go to an event where there are many people or to go to a workshop that helps you to feel more comfortable and sensually alive in your body.

If it is to live abundantly from doing what you love, then your present longing may be to start mapping out your vision, your website and what you want to offer, and tomorrow, your next present longing may lead on from that.

If it is to travel the world and have adventure, then your present longing may be to get out a world map and feel into where you feel drawn to go.

The action intention begins the motion towards the fulfillment of your bigger longing.  Everything is possible if you listen to the truth of your longings.

When I look back over 2013, I see how I fulfilled many of my longings without fully realising it.  My most recent longing during the last 6 weeks was to connect from the heart with old and new friends and I just did it with 320 people at The Heart Summit over 3.5 days last weekend in Amsterdam!  It was fantastic and I feel so filled from this experience.

Exploring your dreams, desires and hopes in groups of like-minded people helps you to get clear on the difference of what your true longings are in contrast to your driven, goal-orientated desires.

During workshops in 2014 I’d love to explore these longings alongside our powerful feminine essence and presence activation practices with you.

And so I’ll let you know as soon as I have some dates and venues in place.

Are you listening to your longings?  What do you desire to feel in your life?  Share your longings here the blog…it’ll help you get clear on what they really are and inspire others into listening to their longings too!

Now is the time to live from longing…if not now, then when?

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting,

with Love


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