‘Joy Canvas’ in progress Jane Cormack ©2013

Have you been playing with your Pleasure Project this month?

In early October I was inspired to begin my own ‘Pleasure Project’ ~ something I do for the sole purpose of bringing me back to my joy and that re-ignites feelings of pleasure.  (Watch the video and read the blog about ‘The Pleasure Project’ here).

And I challenged you to begin your own ‘Pleasure Project’ at home to indulge yourself regularly in the things that ignite your feelings of pleasure.  That may sound a bit naughty but…

my project of pleasure was a painting.  Because when I paint, I am immersed in vibrant, uplifting colour, I feel free and can create what I want from my imagination.  There are little limitations, no time-frame, no pressure to complete it and I can delight in what emerges as I paint.  (My ‘play’ in progress can be seen above).

In my most recent article I talked about how ‘Pleasure can be so subtle and found in the most ordinary’.   (YES, I like to talk about Pleasure a lot!).  

Pleasure to some is creative expression, it is luxurious and sensual experiences, it is body-work, it is delicious, nutritious food, it is lying on a forest floor covered in auburn autumnal leaves, it is snuggling your intimate partner, feeling warm and cosy, pleasure is everywhere because we can choose to take pleasure in all of the things we do…in each ordinary and extraordinary moment of our lives.

Why do I talk about Pleasure a lot??  Because it’s easy to forget that life is supposed to be pleasurable and that it’s not all about hard work, achievement and constantly being ‘on’ to perform.

Everything we do can be pleasurable, so ask yourself…how can I bring pleasure into my work, my studies, my relationships and to those I love?  So much more can be accomplished with less stress and effort when we start to bring pleasure into our daily experiences.  Try it and post your ‘Pleasure Project’ on the blog below~ connect and share your simple or outrageous pleasures!


2013 ~~ 2014

The final workshop for 2013 went ahead this past weekend and later this week, I will be heading back to what has become my second home…The Netherlands, for lots of exiting personal and professional training events in December.  (And I’ll be taking as much pleasure in all of it as I possibly can!).

More regular classes and workshops will be announced for Jan/Feb 2014…and I’ll be writing and continuing to share inspiring content on my travels to Holland so stay connected.

As the old saying goes…’Stop and smell the roses’, they are there waiting for you to marvel in their beauty and scent…

Yes, life is meant to be pleasurable…

with Love


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