We’re in the land of limbo, that often magical space between Christmas and New Year.  And approaching another major transition point that signals the end of another cycle.

New Year brings the opportunity to reflect, if we carve out a little space and time.  I’ll be doing that on the 31st, creating space for a ritual, or really, just time for reflection, to look back and honour the journey I’ve been on this year.

Life moves at such an incredible pace at times that we need to consciously step out and sense another rhythm.  Usually a slower one.  A rhythm in which we can create internal space to feel more, hear, sense and see.  To allow time for the sound of the rain on the window, for slow movement to music, for a meal made with attention and love, to notice what life surrounds us, to witness the magic that is here.

And this can be a wonderful time to create some space.  Just to notice life.  To treat yourself like gold for a day.  To say to yourself, “Yes, I had my challenges, my joys, my ups and downs, my silver, metal and shining gold this year, I honour the choices I made, the times I listened to my heart and when I didn’t and I’m thankful for it all”.


Look deeper into the pains, the lessons, the opportunities taken and missed; there’s gold in everything when we take time to lift the veils and integrate our experiences.

And if you need a day to treat yourself like a Golden Goddess, or learn how you can do so better, then I invite you to my Women’s Feminine Wisdom & Nourishment Mini Retreat to Nurture this Inner Goddess.  It happens on Sunday the 10th of January and the early booking discount is available until Tuesday the 5th of January.  You can book your place directly at Women Living Brightly Berlin and click on the image below for all the details.

Sometimes, we really do need to re-learn and remind ourselves how to nourish and nurture, how to care for and treat ourselves like gold.  And in the presence of other women, it can be like an injection of life-energy straight into our veins.

An early bird booking discount is available until Tuesday 5th of January.

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Wishing you, wherever you are, whatever you do, whether alone, with your pet, your partner, a party, on the streets of Berlin, the hills of Scotland or already tucked up in bed; a smooth transition into a New Year, an ordinary day, a magical experience.

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,

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