This week’s Rhythmic Inspiration is a special bumper edition and includes a LOT of inspiring and juicy information and tools for you to USE and share with your friends.  

I just spent the weekend In London deepening my vocal practice through Inner Sound and Voice with vocal expert Jill Purce.
And so I filmed a short interview with Jill to share with you all about the magical, healing and powerfully transformative effects of using our voices as tools for healing, expressing and getting back IN-TUNE with ourselves and all of life.
The video is filmed in Jill’s home and retreat space at Hampstead Heath in London.
Watch the juicy interview to learn:
  • What Overtone chanting is
  • What is actually happening physiologically that creates transformation when we use the voice
  • Why EVERYONE has the capability to sing
  • Why singing, toning and chanting brings us into resonance with nature and all of life
  • Jill demonstrates the multiple musical notes or ‘tones’ that happen whilst overtone chanting ~ Amazing!!
  • Jill talks about her 40 years of teaching experience and how she began on her journey into sound.
  • Why using the voice affects our other expressions such as painting
  • What happened when a child’s ‘coconut’ cracked open!! (You’ll see a connection between my own logo for Rhythm In Colour and the description of this child!)

The video interview is in two parts:

Go ahead and watch Part One here:


Watch Part Two here:


Rhythm In Colour support women to find and connect with their own inner rhythm, unique expression and their inner source through creative ‘tools’ of colour, art, music, sound and voice, writing, movement, dance, breath and nature connection.  We support women to open their hearts, be spontaneous, go deep, be courageous, communicate clearly and find what it is they want, right now, using these marvellous, expressive tools.
To find out more about Jill Purce visit:

The Quietest Place on Earth

And, talking of sound, some of you may have read an article by George Michelson Foy in this Sunday’s Guardian Weekend magazine called ‘I’ve been to the quietest place on earth’.  In the article it describes his search for peace and quiet which leads him to the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota.  It is the Guinness World Record’s quietest place on earth; 99.9% sound absorbent. His research shows that most people cannot stand to be in the room for more than a few minutes.  This is because spending time in the chamber induces a sense of fear since people are deprived of the usual “reassuring ambient sounds” of life. He also discovers from his own time (45mins) spent in the room that there is no such thing as silence!  Because due to the lack of any other sound, he becomes so acutely aware of his own bodily sounds of breath, the blood rushing through his veins and skin moving over his scalp.  He concluded that you’d have to be dead to experience absolute silence (and then that depends on what you think happens when you die!).
My point in mentioning this article is that we may think we want complete silence and escape from the crazy, busy chaos of life, but actually many of the sounds we hear are having a soothing effect.  This also emphasises the power of the healing affects of sound; whether that be sounds of general life, nature or our own singing, toning or chanting.

As Jill says ‘We all have our own note’ and that includes finding sounds we resonate with in the world; so let’s get in-tune with ourselves and all of life, sing and BE HEARD!


The Sound of Water Falling ~ White Noise
The Sounds of Water makes 'white noise'

The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity 2012 

Upcoming Events! >>>   This workshop ‘The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity’ will take place from 13-15th of July in Friesland (north of Holland) in colloboration with Marielle van Dop.  I’ll be sending further details about this event next week as well as our Edinburgh retreat on 28th & 29th July so you can find out the details and book ahead to get the early bird discount before june 20th!  It’s going to be a verrrry juicy experience!

Tools of Creative Expression are a powerful and transformational way to help support you, release tensions, cultivate clarity and express what is going on on a deeper level for you.  As well as have a lot of FUN!

Phew! I know this is a lot of info for you all, it’s my bumper edition!!  But I know you’ll get lots of value, so do share, pass on and enjoy!

Until next time………Keep Creating,


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