January 20th 2019


I opened my mini book by the bedside – How to Love – by Thich Nhat Hanh – it’s a simple and joyful little book that I keep there deliberately, as a reminder to return to love…and the simplicity of it, before I go to sleep.

And I read this page: What Love Needs To Survive.

And the first sentences: “The Buddha said that nothing survives without food, including love. If you don’t know how to nourish and feed your love, it will die. If we know how to feed our love every day it will stay for a long time.”

A beautiful reminder of something that I’ve felt and noticed for years. That whatever we ‘feed’ ourselves with, contributes to us becoming who we are and the quality of life that we live.

There are many layers to nurturance, that we give to ourselves and to others. Nutrition of the body, heart and soul. Nutrition for the mind, for our relationships.

And there are different parts of us that require deep nourishment. Our feminine essence needs watering so that this aspect of us can fully bloom into the glorious flower that she is meant to be.

We need Food for the Feminine Soul.

And that is exactly what Language of the Feminine workshops and retreats are for. Nourishment and cultivation of our deep feminine qualities.

This includes our sensory – sensual connection, our nature/earth – body connection, our womb – heart connection, our consciousness – divine power connection and more.



Language of the Feminine is about cultivating, trusting, being and expressing the feminine intelligence that exists within us – it is working a power that often goes unseen, supressed and unexpressed because it can seem chaotic – not the straightforward, categorised, logic that we’re taught to lead with and to value more – yet there is order in chaos too when we allow it – there’s a wildness to it – wild and chaotic is often looked upon with suspicion (by ourselves as well as others) because it’s a part of us that often, cannot be ‘made sense of’, so we learn to hide it, ignore it or push it down rather than listen, to excavate the wisdom of this ‘language’.

Christoph Schneider, Professor of Climate Change at Humbolt University in Berlin said it like this when I interviewed him about the relationship between the feminine and the environment:

My Question > In a previous conversation that we had, you talked about this chaotic system and irrationality of the feminine and the non-traceable way to make decisions through this chaotic system of personal behaviours, can you say more about that? Because I find this really fascinating.

Christoph > Well, I mean, I’m not a psychologist so I shouldn’t be talking too much about a person and their non-linear behaviour. But what I can share, is this picture from nature, where we can see that many of the processes that are happening, you can take a linear approach to, and that is quite helpful and useful and it’s good for modelling. But we also know that the system is actually non-linear, so whenever we go to the linear solutions, we cut off a part of the processes, part of what’s really going on. And that can really lead to a system of understanding that’s not appropriate. 

So – the basic principle of how nature works, when you look from a natural science perspective, actually is non-linear differential equations. And they don’t have simple solutions. And if you go to the simple solutions, you come up with a model that is incredibly successful in the first stage, but then – when it goes to the details, when it goes to the feedback, when it goes to all the coupling that is in the system – then you run into trouble. I mean, maybe in 30 or 50 years we’ll be better at modelling those non-linear processes. 

If I look at a person, I would think this – that normally there is so much depth in each person – whether it be a man or a woman it doesn’t matter, or a child – there is so much non-linearity. There is so much chaotic behaviour which is not deterministic. And coming back to a more channelled approach, I believe that those linear solutions are typical deterministic, mechanical engineering solutions. 

Even if they deal with complex computer systems. And they have been contributing a good deal to our wealth, actually, to the way we manage the world – to much of the successes of the last decades. But we are approaching an edge where that kind of approach just doesn’t help us any further. And then we have to think about integrating other perspectives, integrating other ways of dealing with the system. And there, I think that if a person has a good approach to his or her intuition and to their non-linear behaviour, then this is really helpful.

Download and Read the Full Video Interview PDF transcript HERE.

This is part of what we will explore through feminine embodiment and creative & expressive arts in our Language of the Feminine Loch Lomond Winter Day Retreat on January 20th, 2019 – to free up the innate feminine intelligence that we have so that you can feel fully expressed and find your unique language of the feminine. An exploration of this wild, non-linear, intuitive expression of you and the wisdom it holds.



We have an early booking offer until November 30th – this will be an intimate gathering of women, over-looking the stunning shores, islands and mountain ranges of Loch Lomond, with art, colour, music, creativity, chocolate, hearty and warm winter soup, nature, connection with an amazing group of women diving into the deep feminine together.

It will be true food for the feminine soul.

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