Last week I talked about my love of actual, tangible, hold-in-your-hands books and why beauty and colour and important elements of life (If you didn’t read it, you can right  here on the blog).

Continuing that conversation, I wanted to share a book reading from the chapter ‘The Language of Colour & Creating Yourself’ on page 154, under the subhead ‘Creating Yourself’ from my book. I was inspired to share by the singer Alicia Keys, who unintentionally began a ‘no make-up movement’ when she decided to not wear makeup at her public appearances. The responses and conversations around women’s relationship with beauty and makeup were interesting to witness on social media, and so I want to share my voice through this chapter in my book, and inspire women to look at the ‘Why’s’ around why they choose to wear makeup or not and the deeper meaning and ritual behind our use of makeup. Personally, I love to use mineral based eye-makeup but have never used foundations or powder on my skin, because it feels like rubbing dirt in my face. But the colour, sparkle and ritual of eye makeup is something I experience pleasure in. What about you?

You can watch the video and share your ‘Why’ on Facebook here > Create Yourself


Not everybody loves a real printed book, especially travellers who can’t fit a pile of books in their suitcase! (I tried that, here’s a pic of my bookshelf of books that I’ve just put in my suitcase!) >

So I’ve made a mobile digital version of Language of the Feminine – Awaken the Source of Your Creative, Intuitive & Sensual Self, which is now available to download instantly and begin reading online or on your Kindle! You can get it here

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And all equivalent Amazon’s online in your country.

We’d love to hear your ‘Why’s’ around your relationship to creating yourself so I invite you to share your thoughts and voice Here on my Facebook page.

Keep creating (yourself!) and connecting with courage,

with Love,

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