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When we immerse ourselves in something, like a lovely warm bath we get the full experience. 

Rather than just dipping your toe in, your body gets to feel the soft, cleansing, warming water, the whole body immersion experience, fully enveloped and relaxing, both breadth and depth!

And like anything we choose to do that’s half-hearted, one foot in, one foot out, we miss out on feeling and experiencing every detail of it and on being fully present because our focus is neither here nor there.

Let’s say you decided to move from UK to South Africa.  You arrive in South Africa but a part of you still wishes you were in the UK.  You can’t be in both places at the same time and yet a part of you still holds onto the ‘what if I stayed feeling’.  So then you hold back from immersing yourself in the now.

In our 5 Week Immersion Series we fully immerse ourselves in feminine energy, both within ourselves and within the group.  This brings with it the power of entrainment which naturally occurs in any group.  You may have heard that when two or more women live together that their menstrual cycles often eventually sync in rhythm; one woman entrains to the strongest rhythm.

We are all ‘entraining’ all of the time, to our environments, colleagues, friends and the communities and groups we are a part of, so what kind of energy within a group do you actually want to entrain to and cultivate?

During this course, you will entrain to lightness and laughter, strength and softness, power and possibility, honesty and truth as can only happen in the company of great women.

Because this course covers 5 weeks, we will also be witnessing the different stages of our menstrual cycles and ‘working’ with the energy present at each phase.

We also have fun!  Music and some dance is involved. 

If you want to >

*Feel safe, supported, seen, heard, encouraged and heart connected within a sisterhood of women
*Feel more confident in your body, life, relationships and with your ‘purpose’
*Move towards what you want, your dreams and visions
*Feel an expansion of possibility
*Trust in your intuitive feminine nature
*Get clarity in many life areas
*Connect to the ‘sacred’ in your sensuality
*Open to more intimacy
*De-stress and relax into your natural state of being

(And you live near Berlin!), then join us and immerse yourself among amazing women and discover your unique feminine expression.

Click on the link below for all the details of the new 5 week Immersion series starting on Wednesday evenings from March 25th through April 22nd.

An early bird booking discount is available until March 20th.  So don’t miss out!


And as a reminder for those of you in other places in the world, I offer individual coaching sessions and programmes for women on Skype.  Click on the beautiful WORLD image below to learn about private sessions.


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Whatever you are doing right now, immerse yourself in the experience, whether you consider it ‘good’ or ‘bad’, this too will pass.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany,