Communicating what we really mean and what we really want to communicate can be tricky and a bit sticky sometimes right!  If you’re a creative person or at all like me, you may have had to practice your verbal communication skills over the years to become more proficient in expressing what you really want to say in conversation.
Communicating through the Language of Creative Expression

We are deeply mysterious, creative, multi-faceted, fascinating creatures; so expressing our deepest selves through talking sometimes just doesn’t cut it.  In conversation we can get pulled in all manner of directions and tangents, forget a fleeting thought or especially feel the pressure to respond or talk at a certain pace.  In this case there’s no apparent time to reflect and then we say something out of habit, or something we don’t really mean or worst of all, something we regret later.  All manner of things can happen in a conversation which can leave us feeling frustrated and not heard or seen for having not fully expressed what we wanted to.

In this week’s video I share with you:

  • How we can use Creativity as a tool for communicating our deepest selves
  • Why Creative expression is a language that helps you express aspects of yourself you didn’t even know about!
  • How Ancient Cultures use Creative Expression as a Language
  • My own challenge with expressing the depth of who I am verbally and how I overcame it

Watch the Video Here:

I’d love to know:

  • How you use creativity to communicate what you want?
  • What you did this week to express different aspects of yourself
  • What you discovered about new or emerging different aspects of who you are

Are you a graffiti artist?  Do you leave messages of hope, inspiration, challenge, change or love for other people?  Do you perform, dance, act or help to change and expand the perception and consciousness of others through your art?  I applaud you for your creative communication!


Where do you see beauty, communication and language through creative expression appearing and emerging?  It’s everywhere we look, if we really look!

Rhythm In Colour support women to find and connect with their own inner rhythm, unique expression and their inner source through creative ‘tools’ of colour, art, music, writing, movement, dance, breath and voice as well as nature connection.  We support women to open their hearts, be spontaneous, go deep, be courageous, communicate clearly and find what it is they want, right now, using these marvellous, expressive tools.

So leave a comment below the video, or on our Facebook Page (link below) and let me what creative tool you used as a language to communicate with this week….and I’ll post it on my website or the next Rhythmic Inspiration News!

Happy Communicating using the language of Creative Expression!

Until next time…Keep Creating,