Welcome once more  to this week’s special Rhythmic Inspiration news!

This week, my co-host of The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity events, Marielle van Dop and I interview EACH OTHER!  As you can see below, we had a great time during the interview!

We recorded this interview on Skype with Marielle in The Netherlands and me in Scotland; oh the fun of technology!We really wanted to introduce ourselves to each others audience so you get an impression of how wonderfully we work together!  And what we’ll each be bringing to the table at this summer’s upcoming events.In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What Marielle’s passions are and how she’ll be sharing her wisdom
  • Why being in nature allows us to connect more easily with ourselves
  • Why women have ‘lost’ their deep connection with the earth and nature
  • Why it’s vital to learn to trust and honour yourself
  • How to re-connect with your inner power
  • And much more!!

So get yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down, relax and watch the Video here:  (there’s a bit of an echo on Marielle’s audio but it doesn’t last long!)


In our upcoming ‘The Feminine Art of Listening workshops, Connecting Nature & Creativity’, we show you the how’s  ~ how YOU can cultivate or deepen your connection with nature AND use creative expression as a tool to transform your life ~ Yes, it can be that powerful!


Find ALL the details and how to book on the What’s On? page or in ‘The Feminine Art of Listening’ previous blog posts.


Until next time………Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love