How do you keep the faith AND find the magic in those moments when things appear pretty sh*tty?
This is where the  magic happens!

Keeping the Faith is your own personal faith in yourself and in life that guides you inwards towards the glowing light within you ~ that’s the knowing part, that’s your faith.  Faith is really just a feeling that everything will be OK.  Even if it’s not right now, like everything we perceive as good or bad ~ ‘This too will pass’.  Hard to hear when you’re knee-deep in it, yet it’s true.

I’ve made a video as well as an article this week for those who prefer to watch rather than read; click on the video link below and read on.

The problem that many people face in times of extreme challenge or difficulty is that fear can often override that deep inner knowing that is our faith.  This is what guides us to the next step we need to take.  Fear can block out the trust, it can smother the voice of guidance, fear can freeze action.  Fear infests the mind telling us we can’t do it, we shouldn’t, we’re not good enough, we’re not ready and a multitude of other no’s that throw handfuls of sand on the flame of our inner faith.

Faith is another word for trust.  “I have faith” and “I trust” mean the same thing.  Keeping the faith means that we trust ourselves.  We trust the choices that we consciously make because what emerges from those choices are the exact experiences, be they challenging ones or not, that we want.

There’s no point in looking outwards for something that can fix the problem, or grappling around and making fear based choices to quicken the process.  When things appear to be ‘going pear-shaped’ as we say in the UK, we get the chance to experience the feeling of faith and trust.  We go deep into our inner reserves, we find out what we are made of and we get the chance to see more of the wonders of who we really are.  This is where the magic happens!


I’ve had a few challenges of my own this last week and the only words that come to me when I wonder and ask “What the hell is going on!?” are ‘Keep the Faith’.  And so I am.  And so it is.

Watch the video here:

In Rhythm In Colour events we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and express more of your creative self.  You’ll find out what magic feels like when you do!  I’ll keep you posted as to any new public events coming up.

What do you do in times of challenge?  How do you keep the faith?  Leave a comment right here below~ Get the discussion started ~ in doing so, you’ll inspire others to share their stories too.

Keep the Faith & Keep Creating & Connecting 

…with Love from The Netherlands