I felt December was the ideal month to delve into the theme of HOME, BELONGING & COMMUNITY in our online Language of the Feminine community because it’s a time of year when, for those who do celebrate Christmas, our thoughts turn towards family, festivities, relationships, connections and belonging. Home has many meanings and the last workshop I held was called ‘Root Yourself‘ which meant finding and rooting in to the place of ‘home’ that dwells inside us all.

But what about real-time, in-the-flesh community? I know that there are many people longing to have some kind of community around them for a myriad of reasons. Women are known for being natural connectors and community makers.

So I decided to interview my dear friend Adrienne McCurdy in Canada to bring her wisdom of community development to you. Adrienne (pronounced Adrian) is the co-creator of a University for the Third Horizon and Respect Youth and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on what creates the foundations for healthy communities to thrive.

In this interview Adrienne shares some personal stories of her experiences living in Kauai, Hawaii after the earthquake in Chile caused a tsunami to head for the island, how to embrace difference and diversity, the dangers of only choosing unity or diversity, the problems of ‘group-think’, how mirroring the design of eco-systems in nature can make community systems stronger, how to create or be a part of community where you are now and so much more!

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Introducing Adrienne >

Adrienne is committed to creating collaborative spaces for groups to tap into their collective wisdom and shared purpose. Her motivation to support both the inner and outer aspects of systems transformation drove her to co-create a University for the Third Horizon (H3Uni.org) and RespectYouth.com. She has also conducted extensive research on neighbourhood hubs and facilitates intergenerational inclusion within health, education and municipal settings.

Having lived, worked, studied and travelled in over 30 countries, Adrienne enjoys working across cultures, languages and worldviews. Her background includes a BA in Social Psychology; a MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability; working for an environmental consulting firm in Australia; communications for Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) in Canada; engaging communities to redesign public space in Brazil and Canada; hosting creative expression workshops; and creating online games for young people to become heroes for the common good. Adrienne’s passions also include dancing, painting, writing, and enjoying her home amidst the beautiful Atlantic Canadian landscape. 

Feminine intelligence (that exists in all things) and all ‘she’ represents and is, is the thread that we need to weave into the fabric of our communities…care, is just one of the multitude of threads that we can begin simply with.

Community, Connection & Belonging

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 Wishing you all meaningful connection, care in your relationships and to feel ‘home’ in your community.

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Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2017

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