What does FREEDOM mean to you?

I just arrived in The Netherlands yesterday in anticipation of our upcoming ‘The Feminine Art of Listening ~ Connecting Nature & Creativity’ workshop retreat this coming weekend.  Very excited about that!  (There’s no video this week as I was on the flight on filming day!).

 Marielle van Dop
Travelling here elicited that sense of freedom that I so love when I’m on the move again experiencing new things.  Travelling to different countries and destinations cultivates the feeling of freedom within me.  It does this because the perceived limitations or restrictions on time that many of us follow in our day-to-day routines changes completely.  We are doing different things that cultivates a flow of new energy and synchronistic experiences when we physically travel to new locations.However, not everyone has the means, desire, time or energy to travel to another country or city.  So how do we cultivate the feeling of INNER freedom without having to book a plane ticket to physically go somewhere else?As with everything else in life, freedom is a choice.  We can choose to feel freedom within regardless of our outside circumstances.

How to Cultivate Freedom Within

I want to share this short and simple excerpt from my upcoming book (further details of which I will announce in later newsletters) on cultivating inner freedom through the arts:

“Through singing, dancing, acting or writing we can take on different roles whereby different aspects or ‘parts’ of our character emerge.  We get to ‘be’ and express all the other aspects which we might not allow ourselves to express in our ‘normal’ daily interactions.  One of the reasons people feel such joy when they dance with abandon to music, paint, act in a play or write, is because they feel freedom within whether they feel restricted by their outside life circumstances or not.  That feeling of freedom is expansive, it opens our hearts and we feel JOYFUL.  We are getting to EXPRESS more of who we are.  And that feels good.”  © Jane A. Cormack 2012

Freedom is expression
I hope this week’s Rhythmic Inspiration reminds you that feeling free is a choice.I’d love to know:
  • What you do that helps to cultivate your inner freedom

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From sunny Friesland in The Netherlands……..Keep Creating & Connecting…with Love



Free painting expression