Let’s get intimate…

We (humans) are evolving and growing rapidly in consciousness ~ what this means is that we are much more aware of feeling, sensations and the movement of energy.

Something you’re unlikely to know about me, is that from the age of eighteen until I was twenty-five, I sat in a weekly, sometimes twice weekly spiritual development circle.  I continued my explorations in many other ways after this time, yet this was my initial training ground and foundation for learning what I would later know as energetic communication.

It is the way that we sense, feel, move and communicate through energy.  It is the unspoken forms in which we create connections and deepen intimacy in our relationship to both other people and our expansive relationship with the planet and universe.

I created a video this week sharing a basic practice with you to help you become more ‘energetically sensitised’ and I explain how doing so helps you to create deeper connections with others.

So if you’re ‘low’ on spacial awareness, want to ‘turn up’ your energetic presence or learn how to sense others more deeply, then this video is for you.  Watch it here >



Learning in Groups

If you’re in Berlin and want to learn how to sensitise yourself to energy and learn to create deeper intimacy and feel good being seen, then I invite you to the next 5 Week Immersion >

The next Art of Feminine Presence 5 Week Immersion has been pushed back one week due to a class overlap and now begins on Thursdays, June 11th. There are places available and an early booking discount extended until this coming Friday 5th of June.

From 19.00-21.30, the dates are >

11th June
18th June
25th June
2nd July
9th July

Further Class details can be found here > Events
Or send me an e-mail to connect > Contact

And remember, if you’re not in Berlin, then you know you can work with me one to one from wherever you are in different ways, find out more here > One to Ones

Are you energetically sensitised or low on spacial awareness?  How does this affect your relationships with others?  Share in the comments below >>

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