The Art of Receiving ~ How Open Are You? Photography by Anna Meltzer, ©2012-2013, Findhorn Bay, Scotland.


“What have you allowed yourself to receive recently?”

I have been receiving a lot of supportive offers around my work and noticed myself hesitating because of my curious mind thinking through all the possible implications and agendas behind the offerings…(What does this mean?  What’s expected in return? Does this feel good/balanced?  etc).

Naturally, we need to feel into whether the offering comes from a place of integrity and a genuine longing to support.  We want to feel good receiving it.  But we can ask ourselves so many questions around receiving what we asked for, that we miss the opportunity to say YES PLEASE & THANK YOU!  ( I said Yes!).

We all need continuous reminders (and practice) to be open to receiving and to expand our limitations to how much we are allowing ourselves to receive.  I got a little reminder this morning when something popped up in my inbox on the very subject I was pondering (thank you Lauren Sheehan!) and I felt inspired to share this important topic with you.

Because learning to receive is an art.  Especially for women who are natural-born givers and tend to put everyone and everything else first before themselves.

The Receptive Feminine

Receptivity is a feminine quality that can be enhanced and learned through the practice of turning on your feminine essence.  Being open.  Being receptive to life.  To what you are asking for and being open to how it arrives.

Often, you can ask for something…whether out loud or quietly in your heart.  And that thing arrives.  But if you’re not open to receiving it, then you just keep on missing what you keep on asking for.  What we ask for often arrives in surprising ways…and recognising them as what we actually asked for is half the challenge!

What are you currently asking for within your heart?  Are you open to receiving it?  Do you recognise the opportunity when it arrives?  Leave a comment on the blog below this post, we all love to hear about challenges and triumphs.

Learning the art of receiving is vital if you are to experience what it is you want in your life.  If you keep on missing opportunities for work you love or potential romantic relationships, new friendships, trips or travel, invitations to connect, go to events, offerings of useful support and the myriad of experiences and things we ask for daily,…then you need to learn how to receive.

The art of receiving is something you will learn during The Art of Feminine Presence™ workshops and classes.  As we delve deeper into our feminine essence, we become much more comfortable with our ability to be safely open.  This is a key practice in receiving.

I’ve added a new intro evening to learn more about The Art of Feminine Presence™on Saturday 27th July in Findhorn.  (See the details below).  We will create a safe and nourishing space to explore together…

And, just so you know, I’m not abandoning the creative ‘art’ side of Rhythm In Colour which you’ve been used to seeing from me. Working with feminine essence and presence as well as creative expression are intrinsically entwined.  So stay connected to see what creative feminine mysteries evolve.

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I look forward to sharing the unfolding mystery with you…

until then, Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love


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