Goddess Up! @ Portavadie Marina Spa

I was reminded of the power of women collaborating last weekend when I attended the Goddess Gathering – Women Collaborating event in the beautiful Portavadie Spa in the far west coast of Scotland. (See the image of the surrounding marina and mountains above).

There were women from all walks of life there with some incredible and inspiring stories of healing naturally from serious illnesses, such as cancer. We danced, had bodywork (wonderful KCR practitioners), listened to inspiring talks of healing, nutrition, heart math, ancestral DNA healing, Riding the Rhythm of menstruation and more, had workshops on belly dance, hula hooping, essential oils, kundalini yoga, Awakening Shakti and of course, my Feminine Embodiment workshop which was amazing!

The power of the collective is something that most of us need reminding of from time to time to bring us out of our internal worlds (where it can be very cosy and lovely)…however, I’ve said this before but I’ll keep saying it, when women gather with a strong intention – to learn, grow, connect, share wisdom and knowledge and have fun – magic happens.

Why? Because we are within a field of vast possibility. We are open to new choices, we get inspired, we connect, we are in joy, we amplify our intentions, we give what we know and we receive what we need. And we feel supported, loved and seen in all of that.

Women Collaborating

Women collaborating means more movement, more fun, more inspiration, more power, more ideas and possibilities and more making a difference in the lives of others.

Who can you reach out to and open to collaborate with today?

Perhaps it’s nothing to do with work or entrepreneurship, maybe it’s sharing childcare, car share, taking turns at cooking meals with the women in your community area, exchanging skills, or coming together to create an empire! Women are natural collaborators, not natural competitors.

What’s On?

Feminine Embodiment & Empowerment Workshop
I was so inspired by the response to my Feminine Embodiment – Listening to the Language Within workshop at the Goddess Gathering and the shift that happened from head to rooted in body and soul, in one hour, that I decided to create my final workshop for 2017 in December. (I’ve been working a lot online recently but I LOVE real, live connection).
This will be an afternoon workshop to root, ground, centre, nourish and connect with yourself and others and to go deep into your feminine source of power, presence and potential.

Learn more about what we’ll do and what you’ll go away with, plus all the booking details here > FEMININE EMBODIMENT

It’s Sunday the 3rd of December and takes place in the cosy heath of my cottage in the hills of Scotland.

with love and collaboration!

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Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2017
Portavadie Marina image: Jane Cormack, © 2017

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