My Dear Ones!

Life has been full these last couple of months – with swift and magical changes that I could not have anticipated. 

For the past 10 weeks I have been living and working within a small community at Newbold House in the north of Scotland. This is a beautiful, Victorian Manor House with a walled garden surrounded by forest and is a venue that hosts holistic workshops and programmes throughout the year. Explore the walled garden with me in this short video clip below:

When this opportunity came to me, I felt an immediate ‘yes’ in my system. And, arrived within 1.5 days of having an interview into a completely new experience.

Now, as this chapter comes to a close for Christmas, I reflect on the fullness of my experience here of both living and working within this small community and the many gifts and teachings of it.

I introduced a new Period Policy to Newbold House whereby menstruating women staff members will have the opportunity to take menstrual leave every month on the first days of their periods and contractors will have flexible hours to accommodate rest when menstruation comes.

And, after years of working with the wisdom of my own menstrual cycle, weaving it into my workshop offerings and using the cycle as a template for mentoring clients – I hosted a Menstrual Cycle Awareness class for both men and women staff members (in my signature, creative style with dance, music and interaction).

Education on the powers of menstruality consciousness is sorely needed, especially in mixed gender working environments, so expect to see/hear me sharing more on this as a foundational structure and creative and spiritual wellness practice and tool for women (and men!).



I have continued my mentoring practice through 2019, enjoying so much working deeply and navigating the rich terrain of psyche and soul with dear clients.

I now have a new Holistic Empowerment for Women 2020 Mentoring Package – open for applications.

The foundation for Holistic Empowerment for Women Mentoring is the Female Body Cycle (including menstrual cycles). Typically, I work with women who are still in their menstruating years and use the power of cycle consciousness as a foundation.

I work exclusively with just 1-3 mentoring clients at a time so that I can give my best energy whilst also taking care of my own wellbeing.

Through personal mentoring you can explore and gain clarity on >

  • Life Direction
  • Finding meaning and purpose in who you are and what you do
  • Developing a loving and sacred relationship with yourself
  • Feminine awareness and restoration of feminine qualities
  • Balancing of masculine/feminine
  • Developing self-trust, confidence
  • Understanding your unique ‘language’ of expression and your true nature 
  • Awakening or unlocking your creativity
  • Growing awareness of boundaries and blocks
  • Personal sensitivities 
  • Menstrual cycle awareness and how to work with female body cycles as teacher 
  • Deep nourishment 
  • Understanding the language of your dreams 
  • Personal archetype mapping
  • Your sovereignty and personal empowerment
  •  And more…

All of this is rooted in the wisdom of cycle consciousness as your guide to live life as an empowered, sovereign woman who is a part of the eco-system of life.

Find out more about what the Holistic Empowerment mentoring journey can offer you and how to apply: Express your interest and book an initial 20 minute call with me here…Holistic Mentoring 2020.



It’s that time of year when mass consumerism is highly encouraged – when we can be susceptible to that last-minute-haphazard-I-need-to-get-something-nowbecauseit’sChristmas-panic kind of shopping madness.

Stop. Breathe. Think Simple. Thoughtful and meaningful token gifts or experiences is where it’s at. A thoughtful gift could be a book that offers insight and meaning, reflection, soul-connection and creativity. It’s a gift that touches rather than impresses, something you’ve made or someone else has handmade, something useful or inspiring that needn’t cost the earth.

I’m a big book-lover and enjoy receiving inspiring, moving, creative and meaningful books that share good stories. So perhaps my book will be that book for others.

Language of the Feminine is a book with a timeless message that deepens and grows over time when you continue to engage with it.

And, did you know that it’s a book for both men and women!?

Here’s what one recent male reader had to say after completing the book:

Click on the link at the bottom of the images below if you’d like to purchase as a gift for a loved one or yourself. The Pleasure Project Journal & Workbook accompanies the book and can be downloaded and printed immediately after purchase from my shop.

Wishing you warmth in your body, heart and soul this December,

with love from the northlands of Scotland,