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Primal People

Pre-history, our primal, instinctive wisdom knew how to live in harmony with the natural world or at the very least, survive.  We could read and understand the language of nature, we were and still are nature.  We were highly aware of detail, could feel and communicate with other animals and read their tracks, smell their scents.  We were and still are highly intelligent, loving beings who lived in communities and took care of each other.  We instinctively understood the complex energy systems of nature and the connective network between all of life which we now call ‘oneness’.

We flowed in unison with the changing seasons of nature, we heard the voice of the earth and listened.  We moved at a rhythm congruent with our being.  We honoured and gave thanks to our home, planet earth.  Do you remember the ancient, primal, wild core of you?  Can you still understand the language of nature or have you forgotten how it speaks?

Surviving in the Wild

For those of us living in the ‘advanced’ technological modern world, some say there is no going back to those times when we knew how to survive naked and alone in the wild.  Throw any westerner out into the wilderness for a week without anything and they are most likely to return broken, very ill, starving and freezing if they indeed return at all.

Most people have lost the ability to understand the laws of nature and read the energy systems that would allow them to survive and even thrive out there alone.

During the advancement of technology, we became absorbed in the new internet era, the online world; this amazing tool gave us freedom, connection to people and cultures worldwide, a platform to share our stories, to sell our creations and so much more.  The otherside of the world suddenly didn’t seem so far away.

As the world of technology continues to advance at an incredible rate we have also witnessed the very negative effects that it’s intense use is causing in people.  The ability to concentrate has diminished and attention deficit disorder (ADD) is at an all time high.  Outbursts of violence are becoming more common that are linked back to extreme exposure to violent scenes online or in movies.  Health problems are rife in people who spend too much time technologically connected; from straight-forward back pain and headaches to weight issues, depression and low self-esteem; the list is endless.

If there is no going back to living our ancient, primal ways then we must learn and teach a new balance where we combine the best of what technology can give us with regular interaction with the natural world, the people and the ‘reality’ around us.

The Science of Nature

Science combined with nature is POWERFUL.  Scientists describe nature as being a science.  In its complexity, endless diversity and intricate astounding connectivity to all things; the science of nature is infinite.

Humanity tends towards extremes in every aspect of life through the eras.  As explosions of new thought and inventions arise, so too do new cultural acceptances and obsessions: (fashion – corsets in the late 18,00’s, the invention of TVs  and subsequent TV dinners etc) but thankfully, new combinations and balances are often born from those extremes.

The New Paradigm Balance 

In this new era, this new paradigm, we take the best of the tools that we have and learn to use them how we choose.  And that means re-connecting with our instinctive, primal nature so that we can honour and be in our own rhythm whilst using the incredible gifts of technology.  This supports and gives freedom to our lifestyle and to share our wisdom and message with the rest of humanity.

I write this at a time where I feel deeply called to connect even more to my own instinctive, primal nature whilst simultaneously giving of my gifts and sharing what I know to help others.

This  morning, I went for a walk alone in nature and spent time looking at the ocean, ploughtering (as we say in Scotland) in the mud with my wellies on and breathing in deeply the clean ocean air.

This kind of simple experience, if you can be present in the moment rather than swayed by thoughts in your mind, will help you to remember this ancient part of you that listens and understands the language of nature.  It will give you balance and allow you to feel less resentful or frustrated with the amount of time you spend online for work purposes….it will help you to see the enormous GIFT of technology without succumbing to the fast rhythm of it because you will feel connected to your own, sweet and natural rhythm; the wild, primal part of you that inherently knows it’s free to choose.

Do you feel in or out of balance with technology or nature?  Do you feel a call to re-connect with your primal, instinctive nature?

Share your experiences  ~ leave a comment below ~ your words could help someone somewhere get off-line and find their inner wild woman!

Keep Creating & Connecting…

…with Much Love from Scotland!

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