Image ~ the new year on Zandvoort Beach, the Netherlands by Jane Cormack.

Happy New Year for 2015

I love these first couple of weeks of the new year.  I experience such a feeling of release and gratitude for all that 2014 brought.  I feel the clarity in this space, of possibility and truly listening to my soul so that my year begins being led from this place.I shared some of my desires for 2015 with sisters from my women’s circle this week.  It feels so empowering to be witnessed in this. I’ve shared just a few of them here to be witnessed by you also.  Witnessing is a powerful tool as is using the present tense (I have, I am) as if we are already in the moment.  It allows us to consider if what we think we want is what we actually want and then brings a grounded ‘claiming’ of it.  Try it,  may this inspire you to think about and share your own visions for 2015:


  • I have joyfully completed my book, had it published and released into the world to positive acclaim and it’s content is inspiring, uplifting, delighting and catalysing the lives of those who read it
  • I am happily living in my own home sanctuary with nature nearby
  • I’ve asked for and am receiving more support from people I love to work with in my life and business
  • I am laughing so much until my stomach muscles ache (good toning too!) and feel happy for no reason
  • I’m feeling more and more courageous in showing and sharing more of me and my unique message though my creativity and being-ness.
  • I am open to opportunity and say YES to all that totally lights me up!
  • I feel toned, vibrant, strong and alive in my body temple
  • I am unapologetic in sharing my voice, words and presence
  • I’m excited to go on a luxuriant sunshine holiday (as opposed to travelling)
  • I feel awakened, connected and nourished through spending lots of time in wild nature and connecting with animals
  • I am nurturing and deepening dear friendships and have attracted new, joyful, real, grounded and uplifting people into my life
  • I am allowing my prolific creativity to flow while also completing and releasing my creations to share with my tribe

What about you?  What dreams and visions do you hold dear that you want to see practically manifest in your life this year?  What are you ready to light the fire beneath!?  Feel free to share your voice in the comments below and be witnessed in stating your desires.

with much love