Happy Springtime and Happy Easter!

Welcome to the April (bumper!) edition of Rhythmic Inspiration…

Firstly ~ A Freedom Reminder for you!

We’re emerging from a cold winter here in the UK (apparently the coldest March ever) and since the weekend, up here in the north-east of Scotland at least, there’s been that ‘spring in the air’ feeling.

To me, after a long, cold winter, the feeling of spring in the air feels like freedom.  After months of darkness, moments of feeling stuck whilst going through inner and outer transformations, and writing, editing, writing…I decided to remind myself that I am free.

I took myself away last Easter weekend on a mini road trip up north to the Black Isle and it was fantastic!  I happened to stay in a B&B next to a micro-light airfield and watched the owner fly away to the Isle of Skye (watch the video below to see the take-off).  Just 45 minutes from one side of the country to the other reminded me of how free we can all actually be if we choose it.

The exhilaration I felt after my weekend away of long nature walks in the sun, picnics by the river and beach and connecting with friends lasted for days after and I was fired up with new creative ideas, direction and clarity. And I’m still feeling refreshed and invigorated now!

I’m sharing this story with you as a ‘freedom reminder’ ~ that FREEDOM is something you can choose at anytime even in those moments when you feel so incredibly stuck, the choice of feeling free is always there.  Choosing freedom can look like a day trip to the beach, spontaneously visiting friends or a mini road-trip and weekend away.  Freedom reminders can be big or small but consistently reminding yourself that you are free lifts the spirits and the joy barometer way up there!

So remember, regardless of your circumstances, freedom is a feeling that we can remind ourselves of  when we do something we love that uplifts us.

What are you going to do today to remind you of your FREEDOM? 



What’s Next for Rhythm In Colour…

I’m going to be expanding in certain areas through the content I’ll be sharing with you this year; we will go deeper into accessing and exploring how we as women AND men express, be, and use our feminine energy to receive, create, manifest and LOVE.  And how this relates to our business, relationship and creative lives.

I’ll be delving deeper into feminine presence work, creativity and sensuality, the feminine body, nature and modern ancient wisdom amongst other gorgeous things.  This work will come in the form of classes, workshops, private sessions with me, videos and a book (more on that below!) all of which I will share with you as they are developed.

Business and life grow organically and bountifully when we allow ourselves to follow the energy of what feels good, joyfully challenging, enriching and beautiful.  When we follow the signs, the gifts with trust, we can grow into the next evolution of ourselves.  And that can look very different from what we may have been expecting.

If you’re natural rhythm means pulling back, going inward and finding the connection with your deepest heart and longing again, then do that.  If your ‘now’ rhythm is guiding you to stay home and plant roots or to travel and get motivated again, then do that.

If you want to change direction, take a fresh look at your life from a wider perspective, do something totally fun and uplifting for the sheer hell of it…then do that, your soul is longing for it, see what happens when you gift your soul it’s longing.

Trust your hearts calling; it can only lead you to love.

And know, that you are not ‘obliged’ to anything or anyone, ever (unless you want to be!).


What’s Been Happening in my World…

Since my return to Scotland I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature, organising new collaborations and projects and taking time to just be with myself and listen for what’s emerging next.

The book writing process has been, and continues to be a joyful journey for me and I can’t wait to share this little gem with you when it’s finally ready to be birthed into the world!  So exited about that!

The new rhythm for this ‘Rhythmic Inspiration’ will be experimental for a while: I want to share inspired thought and wisdom, events and interviews, when I truly have them to share. This may come in the form of weekly, monthly, twice monthly or spontaneously given content for you until a new rhythm in settled upon.


Thank you so much for watching and reading ~ you make such a difference just being you! 


Share your experiences of finding freedom in small and huge ways ~ leave a comment below this post ~ your words could help someone somewhere be FREE.



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