There are lots of new things to share in this week’s ‘Rhythmic Inspiration!’ and so it’s a slightly different format as I relay all that is simmering in my world of the creative feminine.

What is it about one’s home town where it’s often the last place thought of to do, offer or discover something new?…

Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing in November in Aberdeen, Scotland!  For the first time ever, I’m holding a workshop in the silver city.

If you’re local and feel a little spark of excitement ignite within you or a huge surge of OMG, YES! or even a, ‘hm mm, interesting, I’m curious’ pass through your beautiful mind; then read through all the sumptuous details for ‘Powerful AND Feminine~ Accessing the Most Attractive Force Within You’  on the ‘What’s On?’ page.


Introducing Sensual Sundays

I’m so exited to host Sensual Sundays workshops!

I have brand new offering to share with you in the form of ‘Sensual Sundays!’  As you’ll have noticed from the image above, this is a new workshop series which I’ll be offering on certain Sundays.

Sundays are a time for relaxing, being creative, going inward, being warm and cosy over the winter months and staying connected to our feminine bodies so that we can continue to experience pleasure and feel sensual even on the chilliest of days.

These workshops will include painting, music, movement and taste with feminine presence and feminine activation tools to propel you into the power of your feminine essence, own it and take MUCH more pleasure in what it means to be a woman.

Creative tools and body awareness help women to access their natural sensuality and ‘be’ in their feminine essence much more quickly in a way that is so joyful and supports the growth of confidence and your personal radiance.

I’m offering the first ‘Sensual Sunday’ on Sunday 24th of November in The Moray Arts Centre in Findhorn and would love to see you there.

To find out more about what you’ll get from joining this workshop and further details of what’s involved, click on the flyer image below:

Sensual Sundays


Creative Inspiration…

I always love to hear when new inspiration, guidance and creative ideas are ignited from a workshop experience, so I was delighted and inspired when architect and artist, Eileen Hall sent me her poem and drawing after being inspired from our ‘Powerful AND Feminine’ workshop in Edinburgh.  Take a look at her poem ‘Home’ below or click on the image to read the typed version along with other poetry inspired from workshops.


There are still places available on the ‘Staying Centred No Matter What’ workshop in Edinburgh on the 16th of November.

In today’s climate of chaos, over-stimulation and overwhelm, it’s so important to know how to stay in your centre of power which keeps you grounded, strong and clear WHILST still being open to allow the riches that life has to offer, in.

I’ve extended the early bird booking discount offer for ‘Staying Centred No Matter What’ until Friday 8th November, so book before that date and you’ll still get the discounted rate.

Go to ‘What’s On?’ for all the details on that.


And here’s to experiencing as many Sensual Sundays as possible!

with Love


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