'Rose' Image adapted from original painting by Jane Cormack ~ Focusing on Your Feminine First


Transition or Transformation ~ do you have a preference?

Both words feel very different but imply and lead to the same thing: change and evolution.

Transformation implies sudden, strong, powerful, even extreme metamorphosis-like changes.  Transitions are slower, more gradual and usually happen in stages over longer periods of time.

Transitions also = transformation…yet usually not the lighting striking transformative moment; rather a beautiful unfurling and birthing from caterpillar in gestation to vibrant butterfly… a gradual transition that leads to an extraordinary transformation.

In what ways are you in transition slowly transforming into a new evolution of you?

There are so many ways we can transform and grow into our brightness of being ~ JC

I’m in a current transition right now.  Not only did I move house just last week, you’ll also start to see changes throughout my website and my Rhythmic Inspiration e-zine.  This gradual transition will happen over the coming weeks and months as well as new surprises and offerings which I can’t wait to share with you.

Current Upcoming Events

As to my current offerings, I’m delighted to announce a new workshop and a 5 week Immersion Series of classes in Aberdeen!

Aberdeen Workshop

On Sunday 30th March I’ll be hosting ‘Powerful AND Feminine ~ Focusing on Your Feminine First’ a workshop from 11.30am ~ 3.45pm at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen.

In this workshop you will experience why we, as women, benefit immensely from focusing on our feminine essence and energy FIRST…before we get back to balance with our masculine/feminine sides.  You’ll learn to embody your feminine essence and experience feeling your own power at the same time.  You’ll also experience the deep nourishment that comes with focusing on your feminine nature first and practice putting yourself first over every one else’s wants and needs (a common trait of giving women) or putting your masculine side first to ‘compensate’ in a masculine driven work environment or career.  This workshop space is for you to focus on you and your feminine first and learn to become the master of your own joy, abundance and pleasure within a group of open, supportive women.

I’m offering an early booking discount of £45 (full price, £50) until Sunday 23rd March for this half day workshop.  Booking in advance is required as there are limited places available… to find out more, go HERE.

5 Week Immersion Series ~ Aberdeen

New spring class dates for the next The Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion Series begin on Wednesday evenings, April 2nd, from 7pm-9.30pm in my beautiful new space at Orchard Place, Aberdeen.

I’m so excited to host this new class series from this new sanctuary space!

This course is for you if you want:

  • To feel more confident in your body and enjoy your womanly sensuality (you all have it!)
  • To experience more pleasure in the moments of your daily life
  • To learn to have stronger and clearer boundaries with others whilst staying open and compassionate towards them
  • To feel more radiant and turn on your personal magnetism so that you can attract the relationships and opportunities that you long for 
  • To deepen your current intimate relationship if you have one and feel more confident expressing what you want
  • And much more…click the link below to continue reading

There are only 8 places available for this class series to keep the intimacy of the group… so I recommend booking in advance to save your place.  To book your place and find out more about what you’ll receive during this series, go HERE.

And a reminder of this month’s special offer…

FEBRUARY MONTH OF LOVE MEDITATION KIT SALE ENDS FRIDAY 28th FEB ~ Travel on this magical visual journey…

We can activate the wisdom we already have in many ways, but I find meditation and visual journeys a very powerful way to open to the ‘knowing’ we have and to begin to use it more effectively in our lives.

I created ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ as an enjoyable, fun, yet deep journey to activate the wisdom within that that is often ignored.  Because listening is the first step to your knowing.

So, in honour of the month of love, I have decided to offer a very special 50% off SALE, a February Valentines Discount on my ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’!

You can read all the details of what’s in the kit and the benefits it will bring right here: ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ details

These meditations with accompanying journal exercises lead you on a magical visual journey and help to ignite new thought, new potential and renewed trust in your own inner ‘knowing’, the wisdom that you carry inside that may be lying dormant.

Instead of paying USD$47 (approx £29.00), you will receive a huge 50% discount and pay a one-off payment of USD$23.50 (approx £14.40) for the kit which you can use again and again.

You’ll get access straight-away and can begin to travel on your visual journey into your wisdom.

You can access your 50% off month of love discount HERE


In what ways will you put your feminine first this week?  Let us know on the comments below.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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