This past weekend I attended a day conference on Spirituality and the Sacredness of the Divine Feminine in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I was curious to experience the different flavours and current expressions of the feminine in my homelands.

Central themes were landscape and nature, body and land as spiritual teaching, empowerment and evolving expressions of the Divine Feminine with the main purpose being to invite in diverse understandings of the feminine, divine feminine, mother and goddess energy.

Through ceremony and ritual, reciting of translated Gaelic poetry, a film showing, body movement and discussion, the emerging theme I felt and witnessed was a deep love and connection to the land here in Scotland and sharing of experiences of the interconnectedness of our bodies with nature.  It felt natural that this might be the dominant emerging theme, given that many people are drawn to Scotland to experience an immersion in nature.

Having travelled extensively and lived in a number of different countries in the world as well as observing our online universe, what I love to experience and see is the underlying interconnectivity of women, talking about and expressing ‘the feminine’, even although the ‘flavours’ of that expression can look and feel so different in our eclectic variety of global cultures.

Those expressions of the feminine are our languages.  They are the languages through which we ‘speak’, which, in any given culture, may have a dominant note or rhythm, like a piece of music.

In Scotland, the deep immersion and connection with the land and the felt experience of ‘her’ (nature) being an integral part of who we are, our bodies of earth is one of the ‘loudest’ languages.


Our languages of the feminine are expressed globally in so many ways.  Through our creativity, through spiritual practice, through business and purpose, through feeling our interconnectedness with nature and the wider universe, through our sexuality, our bodies, birthing, wild, present, flowing, full, through the depths of our being, our dark inner core, knowingness and beauty, to the colours, jewells and clothes we choose to adorn ourselves with.

Through deepening our own relationship with our feminine element and experiencing contrast by being with other women,  the expression of this part, unique to each one of us, becomes more acute.

This is a part of what I share with you in my new book, Language of the Feminine – Awaken the Source of your Creative, Intuitive and Sensual Self’ (coming soon!).

The book itself is an expression of the Language of the Feminine and a source of inspiration to help claim confidence in your own unique voice, expression and inner knowing that can be all too easy to doubt.

There are many elements to this book, as there are languages of the feminine, which I’ll expand upon when it is released in June!

And as you may have noticed, I’ve been quiet on the workshops and classes front for the past few months while I’ve been finalising the book, travelling, being more inward and simply living life as I feel called to live it at this time.

New directions, experiences and creations are brewing.  As always, I’ll keep you posted!




Archive Pop Up of the Month 

Each month, I choose a blog/vlog from my six years of archives like an oracle card, tuning into the topic and message that best inspires and supports you at this time.

You can use anything like an oracle in the same way that you might use oracle cards.  Ask a question or be open to a message for yourself or on behalf of a group, then choose a blog post, a book from a shelf, an oracle card, online surf and pay attention to the communication that shows up.  Everything can be used as a language if you know how to listen.

Immersion and the Power of Entrainment
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Immerse yourself in your own unique way of being, in your language and expression of the feminine that lives in you.

I welcome you to share in the comments section below, your own experience of feminine flavours expressed in different cultures!

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Scotland,

Image source – Jane Cormack,  © 2016
Pentland Hills, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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