The theme this week, is ‘Finding Your Voice’.  And this is a written Rhythmic Inspiration rather than a video because….I almost lost my voice at the weekend!!!  Overnight on Saturday, suddenly my throat hurt and it was sore to swallow!  My ears were burning and I felt feverish.

So, I’m being kind to myself and keeping things simple, (which was the message last week!) plus I just LOVE writing!

The World Needs Your Voice

The subject of finding and expressing your voice is an important one.  And one you may have heard before.  Sometimes, we need to be reminded of what’s important from time to time.  If you’ve got a message to share, then the world needs to hear it right now.  Why?  Because you can help and be of service to other people by sharing what you know.  But so many people still have difficulty in expressing and having their voice heard.  Much of this difficulty lies in being afraid of not being accepted by others, being misinterpreted OR really being seen and heard by others on a deep level.  But what if people don’t like who you really are!?  This is a fear that people need to move through and NOW is the time to do that.

It’s true that most likely some people won’t like what you have to say and express; but are you going to let that stop you from doing it anyway?  There are over seven billion people in the world, and a LOT of them are going to really love and ‘get’ what you have to say.  This is where you make a huge difference by finding and expressing your voice.

What Really Is YOUR Voice?

Your ‘Voice’ is not only literally about using your voice for presentations, speaking engagements, video or singing.  Your Voice is about what your message to the world (or indeed your next door neighbour) is.  And your Voice can emerge through a book, an invention, a painting, a thesis, acting in a play or a simple conversation….anything that is an expression of who you are and what you love.

Sharing your Voice is about sharing the ‘essence’ of who you are in the way that you love the most.

Here’s New Zealand Singer/Songwriter Bic Runga expressing her Voice

Being Heard

Although this is what I believe ‘Finding Your Voice’ means, ie: finding the way that you love to express your truest and deepest self; the act of vocally finding your voice is still as important.

Sound resonates from different parts of our bodies.  (If you’ve watched my ‘The Creative Detox Course’ formerly known as ‘The Creative Inspiration & Connection Video Series’ you’ll have seen the video on Sound Making, if not, the course will be available to purchase with some amazing added bonuses very soon).  It is common in western culture that people only create sound from the neck up because most people are so disconnected from the lower half of their bodies.  Which means that we are not using our whole bodies to generate and create the powerful tone, resonance and volume of sound that it’s possible to make.  This is why movement and connection to the body helps you to find your voice.

We WANT to Hear YOU

Have you ever been in a meeting or a group, a workshop, an event, a family dinner or gathering of friends and you’ve really wanted to share something?  To speak up and be heard? Whether it’s a joke, a new idea or concept or correcting a misinterpretation of what you meant? But you held back because you were scared of being heard or seen?  That’s something I used to do.

People WANT to hear your voice!  So what do you want to say?  And how do you want to say it?

Here’s a finding your voice challenge for the week:

  • Write down in your journal all the ways you would like to express your ‘Voice’
  • Find a quiet space for yourself and play with making sound; try opening your vocals and toning; start with an ‘ooooo’ sound if you find it difficult at first…and enjoy!
  • Stand up, preferably out in nature on the earth and focus (give attention to) the lower half of your body, from the waist down.  Move your hips, legs and feet.  Afterwards, try the sound-making exercise above again whilst focussing on your whole body.
  • Ask yourself the question, Have I found my Voice?  Do I feel seen and heard?  If not, why not?  And what small or large step will I take right now to change that?

Here I am expressing  my Voice through Song on Local Radio in Edinburgh, Scotland!


I’d love to know:

  • If you have found your ‘Voice’?
  • How did you find it?  (This is important to share with others too so I’d love to hear from you ~ leave a comment on my blog and let others know what you did and how you did it!)

Tools of Creative Expression are a powerful and transformational way to help support you, release tensions, cultivate clarity and express what is going on on a deeper level for you.  As well as have a lot of FUN!

I’m looking forward to hearing you soon,

Until next time………Keep Creating,