Ohhhh look at the richness and warmth of these autumn leaves. Nature highlights the colours of our chakras that we most need to pay attention to at this time of year (nature is pretty amazing like that).

So deep rust and red, orange and yellow highlight the lower chakras in the body. The root, sacral and navel chakras which represent Root – survival, grounding, security, physical health and trust – Sacral – emotions, intimacy, sexuality, pleasure – Navel – energy, vitality, desire, power. It can often be that autumn and winter is the time to grow our roots deeper, go inward to tend to our energy and physical health, our emotions and sensuality and so it can benefit us to listen to what the colours of the seasons call us to.

Feminine nourishment is about slowing down enough to actually feel and be real with ourselves. To nourish from a feminine perspective is to celebrate beauty, be still, create internal space, experience pleasure through movement of the body, through sacred touch, heart connection, music and joy. This is the space I invite you into tomorrow night in Edinburgh. If you would love to join this sacred circle, then today is the day to contact me to register! See all the details here sister, and get in touch with me asap if your soul is calling out for this nourishment.




Our second event is a Sacred Witnessing Circle next Sunday 13th of November in Edinburgh. This is a very special sacred space in which we can reveal the hidden gifts of who we are and expand our radiance. We dive in deep! All of the details can be found Here. I’m taking registrations this week so contact me asap for registration details and/or any questions you may have.



Did you see the summit!? Join me and 20 other experts in their field to unleash your wild gypsy soul! I had such fun being interviewed by Paula. It was also a powerful conversation as we entered into an energetic space of no words. She threw a wild curveball question that shifted the conversation into an even deeper space. Our interview will air on Thursday the 10th of November and is available for 48 hours to view for free, but you’ll need to join at least the day before on the 9th in order to have plenty of time to watch. You can join the summit for free via this link > http://wildgypsysoulsummit.com/janecormack  In-joy!


Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love,

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