How often do you ‘focus’ on your feminine desires and needs? How deeply do you listen to your body, your feminine cycle, your intuitive feelings and visions?
Every day? Once a week? Once a month?
It’s common for many women to focus on and connect to their feminine centre (whole pelvic area), only once a month during menstruation or when trying to conceive.  And usually then, it’s from a negative thought pattern, (annoying and inconvenient, pain, discomfort, exhaustion, not wanting to ‘be’ in the body or the anxiety born of wanting to conceive).But what about every other day?Your feminine essence is always there wanting you to ‘use’ her.  So what do I mean by that?

The feminine essence is a tangible energy that moves within you.  When you learn to ‘go within’ yourself, you begin to listen and to trust this energy, this voice deep within the walls of your womb, the sacred feminine voice, the voice that shares ancient wisdom, the voice that just ‘knows’ without knowing why, the voice of your intuition.

Your feminine essence connects you to earth, to full bodied womanliness.
When you embody this sacred space within you, you naturally feel more sensual, sexy and alive in your own body; of course you would!  You have activated the most potent force within you!When this energy is ‘switched on’, it amplifies your magnetism to all of life.  YOU are the magnet, the creator of your life.You begin to release and heal any false relationship you may have had to your natural feminine nature.  The image of what being feminine looks and feels like which you were taught whilst growing up, by your family, friends and by society.And you awaken to the true nature of this feminine essence that you hold within.  Her power, her grace, her wisdom, her beauty, her all encompassing and ever expansive love.She doesn’t have a certain ‘look’; a floral dress, punk hair, skin tight leather, elegant suit, soft white hair, luscious dark locks, minimal or outrageous ~ when you meet a woman who knows how to turn her feminine on and how to use it, you just know, because you feel her.

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