Happy New Year!

Did you take some time for reflection over the New Year? Did you pause for a moment to celebrate the journey of another unique year, to accept all that came to pass and all that you hoped might, but didn’t?

If your time was filled with family events and you didn’t get a chance to take some time out specifically for you, then I invite you to explore my January Winter Retreat below.



I spent the entire week between Christmas and New Year in a deep personal retreat. I see this time as a portal, a space to claim, to look back over the year to integrate and absorb every experience and emotion that arose. Integration time is so very important, without it, we can continue the same loop of patterns, habits and behaviours that we want to change. When we bear witness to what has happened, we become more aware of what we would choose differently. There is so much wisdom that we can glean from the breadth and depth of our own life experiences. We can shine light upon the times we experienced as dark or difficult and see from the distance of time, their deeper meaning. We can harvest the fruits of our thoughts, our actions, words or lack thereof.

It’s a time to breathe it all in and honour it, then, begin the creative imagining into who you want to show up as, as the new year unfolds.


If your experience of Christmas and New Years was far from relaxing, with little time for you to go within, then it’s really not too late to give yourself the gift of this time. Or, should you have the longing to connect with others in a more heart-centred and deeper way, feel nourished by nature and alive in your feminine radiance and magnetism, then I invite you to a winter day retreat in the heart of nature to experience the replenishing power of a circle of women. Escape from the city for a day and immerse yourself within our magical cottage in the heart of the hills.

Taking a retreat for just one day can leave you feeling replenished, revitalised, deeply connected to yourself and other women, with more clarity within and for your direction, purpose and desires for 2017. Coming together in a circle of women is a potent experience and I believe, all women benefit from the nourishment and support that women’s circles offer.

What’s included >

This special retreat day will include > Welcoming tea, opening circle, movement, music and some dance, visualisation, meditation, embodiment practices to connect and awaken feminine energy, pot-luck lunch to share, nature walk and special feminine/nature embodiment meditation (weather permitting), drawing/writing practice, tea & cake around the fire, deep connection and more.

When > Sunday 29th of January 2017. 10.15 for 10.30am opening – 5pm closing of circle with an open invitation to connect and network/share until 6.30pm.

Where > Lamington, South Lanarkshire (45-55 min drive from Edinburgh or Glasgow). For those of you who do not drive or don’t have a car, we can connect you with others for lift-sharing options.

10 places are available for this day retreat and advanced booking is required to save your place. I’d love to see you there! To book, Contact Me.

I am offering this day retreat on a one-off sliding scale cost of £40 minimum donation – £60 for those working full time or fully supported.

Any questions? Leave a comment on the Calendar Event about this retreat.

Did you create a ritual of reflection over New Year? Tell us what that looked like and share your wisdom, you might inspire someone else to honour their past year in a creative way! Leave a comment right here on the blog below.

I’m so looking forwarding to this enriching retreat experience with you,

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

Love & Winter Warmth,

Yoni-Verse Image source (1 layer) – Pinterest – Mamma Bees http://mamabees.weebly.com/blog/the-eternal-feminine-leads-us-onward


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