Bumping into Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and Dev Patel on Friday night got me thinking about the whole ‘fame game’.
It was actually a lovely experience to drop by my local mall to discover a red carpet, lots of people, TV cameras and eventually these movie stars showing up.  I’m rather fond of Hugh myself!


These Stars are known and recognised worldwide for their acting talent, their movies and their personal lives.  They have adoring fans (a girl yelled “I love you Hugh!” and he replied, “I love you too!”), they receive a tremendous amount of attention, appreciation and abundance.  And they are regular, nice people doing a job that they are good at doing.

Famous people are often put on a pedestal above everyone else and their human frailties, vulnerability and darker aspects of their nature fail to be seen or are meticulously picked apart and judged by the rest of the world.  They are usually not fully seen for the people they truly are, but for the roles that they play.

So many people strive for fame alone, seeking recognition, adoration, attention, love, wealth or a feeling of superiority. But often what lies beneath a superficial desire for fame for no particular talent or reason, is the desire to be fully seen.

The longing to be seen as the limitless, magnificent creators that we are.  Seen beyond our outward appearance, the roles we play, the jobs we are doing, seen beyond our past experiences, our age, ethnicity or nationality.

When we see the intrinsic value, worth, beauty, vulnerability, gifts, unconditional love and true magnificence in every person we meet, then we give them the gift of being fully seen and recognised beyond the surface.  They feel accepted, their hearts open, they feel expansive in a way that they can tap into a wider field of potential in their lives.

And we too can feel this when we are in the presence of others who ‘see’ us.


We are catalysts for change in every moment for each person we meet and each person who meets us, simply by seeing the value and gifts in each other.  Simple, yet profoundly changing, easy, but often challenging to see beyond initial judgments.

This is an art that, when we practice it, changes lives; ours and the people we connect with.

This is one practice that I will be bringing into my upcoming course this March in Berlin.  Imagine growing with a group of amazing women who fully see you?  It is so incredibly nourishing, relaxing, inspiring and activating.


The new 5 week Immersion series starts on Wednesday evenings, March 25th through April 22nd.

These classes are for women who want to open to more intimacy, de-stress and relax into their natural state of being.

You’ll be guided through step-by-step practices to activate and embody your deepest feminine essence and to feel more confident and radiant in your body, natural sensual nature and feminine power that will ultimately lead you to more joy, fulfillment and meaning into your life. You’ll experience what it feels like to be with a group of women in a non-competitive environment, who see you, encourage, support and inspire you.  You’ll grow in confidence, presence and clarity about what you want and so, so much more.

There are 8 places available for this course and an early bird booking available until March 20th.  Advance deposit is required to confirm your place and course details can be found here: Classes

I’m open for questions, queries and comments on the course so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And as a reminder for those of you in other places in the world, I offer individual coaching sessions and programmes for women on skype, see some of the details below >


TheEarthNASA2Image of Earth by NASA

Click on the images in the side bar or the Feminine Focus and Feminine Receiving pages for all of the details on these personalised programmes.

Each programme is tailored specifically for you and we focus on the energy of upliftment, joy and fertile abundance.

Client testimonial after our first Feminine Focus Online session>

Thank you for that amazing and powerful session.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  Oh boy am I still integrating!  I feel as if I have stepped into another world.  Everything feels different. ~ L. Porter, California

Dive straight into the programme or you can begin with an Individual Starter Session to find out if this is a right fit for you.

How do you feel in the presence of someone who fully ‘sees’ you? Share your comments below ~ let yourself be seen and heard!

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany,


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