Happy Summer Solstice!

I have an exciting announcement…

My new online retreat for women is ready to dive into!

Entering the Sacred Portal – Explore the Intuitive Power of the Yoni & Womb through Art

I’ve slowly been creating this online retreat these last months to offer a potent, sacred space for women to explore their feminine source and to have a place of support to return to their centre of feminine presence and power.

If you’ve been following my work for some time, you’ll know that I’ve held many location based workshops in Scotland, the Netherlands and Germany which are not always possible to attend in person because of timing or travel.

Now, I’ve taken some of my best workshop practices for cultivating and connecting to your source of feminine power and am offering them in a potent, online format that you can envelop yourself in from the cosiness of home or a special place in nature.

When you need and want to re-connect with your feminine sensuality, your creative juice, the connection you have with your feminine soul, for the joy of creating and giving yourself true sacred time to honour the deep feminine part of you that longs for your attention. That has been asking, (sometimes screaming!) for your nurturance, your love, for the voice of truth within you to be heard. This retreat will be there for you as many times as you need or want to come ‘home’ to you.

We all need our time to retreat. To step away from worldly distractions that consistently pull our attention and energy outwards. This can be so depleting on our inner resources and our sense of balance if we don’t have the experience of an inner ‘space’ to return home to. 

Through my work with women and feminine embodiment, I’ve come to witness and experience first hand the transformation that can happen when a woman reconnects with the uniqueness of her feminine body, her centre and source of power, her sexuality and sensuality.

There is a myth that feminine power is only about being a ‘strong woman,’ but feminine power emanates from both fierce and tender love.

Something comes alive from within.

In Entering the Sacred Portal – I’m there to guide you, via video, audio, music, image and words, on a path to reclaiming your sense of sovereignty as a woman. And exploring the intuitive knowledge that your body holds through your connection with your womb and yoni.

We use Art, Music, Movement, Journaling and more as joyful exploration tools to guide you ‘home’ to your most natural, centred, grounded, sensually creative and sacred self.

I want to invite you click the link below, where you can learn so much more about what this retreat can give you, exactly what’s included and how to begin right now.




Ali’s Retreat Experience >

“I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring their feminine power through creative expression. Jane expertly guides you into beautiful and sensual connection with yourself, and from that place encourages you to take the wisdom of that inner connection outwards, in the form of artistic exploration. I made many discoveries. I felt a greater sense of connection to myself and the world… a deeper reverence for my female body and its power, and deeper connection to and awe of female energy/Shakti within everything….

It’s relaxing, but I also feel creatively stimulated and inspired! This retreat is fun, professional, joyful and wonderful for some self-love and nurturing!”

Ali Hodgson

Meditation Teacher & Graphic Artist


If you have any questions after reading through the retreat content, then reach out and ask!

And enjoy the long and lingering light of the solstice today,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with love,


Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2018

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