Gosh it feels so strange to write this, like slowly crawling out of a dark cave I’ve been hibernating in and looking at the bright sunlight again ~ it takes a moment to adjust.

I’ve spent all of January in creative hibernation, in the solitude of my own ‘bubble’ working on my book project in the north of the Netherlands.

It’s been quite a journey and a necessary one to gift myself this time and space; the writing process is a deep, cathartic, mysterious, moving and often emotional experience.  And as challenging as it can be sometimes, I love it.  I love the magic that can be woven with words.

Creative hibernation is a must for all creative souls ~ even if only for a weekend – the act of going inward to nurture creative growth is essential for clarity and expansion.

Hello Again Berlin

Next week I journey back to Berlin and will be preparing my next Feminine Focus workshop there; I’ll let you know the details as soon as they’re set.  I can’t wait to re-connect to the potent energy we create in the space together!  It’s juicy!

In the meantime, I’m available for private Feminine Focus coaching sessions and consultations which can be taken online via Skype or in person in Berlin.  Click on the image below to get more details about what these sessions can do for you (more pleasure anyone?) and e-mail me to discuss options.


Feminine Focus Private Coaching Sessions ~ Get Connected.

Feminine Focus

Individual sessions or Packages are available (best option), just reach out and ask.

Feminine Focus ~ What’s included?

Online Version

  • Preparing Space Rituals
  • 4 x 90 minute Feminine Focus Skype sessions
  • 4 x Pleasure Projects
  • Weekly check in’s via e-mail to keep you on track.

In Person Version

  • 4 x 2 hour Feminine Focus Private Sessions in person
  • Sensual Snacks & herbal teas during private sessions
  • Art materials where applicable
  • Free Extra Bonus = 4 x Pleasure Projects
  • Weekly e-mail check in and follow up e-mails to keep you on track

Contact Me to get the details.  Please note that online sessions are limited.  I have just a few places available to focus exclusively on you and your relationship to your feminine.

It’s important to stay nourished, especially at this time of year, on every level.  Deep nourishment happens when we focus on our feminine side and listen to her needs.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Friesland, the Netherlands,


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