What have dreams and menstrual cycles got to do with your sense of sovereignty? This is likely a question that you may not have spent much, if any time pondering.

‘Sovereignty’ is a fairly new terminology in the feminine rising movement that I questioned including in describing my work at first. We have immediate associations with words and there’s something that initially felt ‘separating’ about it to me, in the sense of rulership or hierarchy.

It’s meaning > ‘Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies’.*

And it is about rulership, in the sense that you have rulership, or rather, ‘authority’ over yourself.

Sovereignty means you are self-authorising. You are aware that you have choice. A Sovereign woman is one who is loyal to that which makes her, herself – which include her own unique gifts, inclinations and way of being.

Sovereignty comes from an inner authority and development of self-knowing. It is the realisation of an inner power to become the masterful architect of your own world.


Yet we can’t only strive for personal sovereignty because we are an interdependent species and a part of the eco-system of life.

Sovereignty does not mean that you are completely independent. We can’t be, because we are a part of a much larger whole and to become too independent, is to separate ourselves from our need for connection, from the growth that comes in relationships with other people, with other species, with nature.

So, while it’s vitally important to foster and reach an understanding that you have authority over yourself, and for you to be loyal to that which makes you, you…we equally need to feel and see ourselves as an integrated part of life’s eco-system and that we contribute to it by being loyal to our uniqueness and using the gifts we have and knowledge we’ve learnt to share with others.


From this integrated perspective of sovereignty + eco-system, here are some of the ‘tools’ I work with for myself and with other women to feel and live our sovereignty which are already a part of who we are. Our menstrual cycles and our dream world.

The Language of Dreams is part of a larger body of work (including Language of the Feminine, Menstrual Magic, Witnessed Women) that supports women to feel and live their personal sovereignty AND understand and feel their connection with the wider eco-system of life so that they can live and give their contribution, feel their own belonging within themselves and the world and live a life of beauty and meaning.


Our dreams are rich and potent – filled with symbols and meaning. Dreams can be a blueprint for understanding our own symbolism and the inner aspects of us that want to live and breathe. They are a powerful inner guide that loyally shows up time and time again, with wisdom, guidance for action, warning, foretelling; and truly, to know our own psyche.

Our dreams also change according to our cycles. And dreams around menstruation time can be exceptionally deep and potent. As we menstruate, our energy is already calling us inward to tend to our inner world, rest our bodies and souls and listen to the intelligence of the process. So it is wise to note any dreams that emerge during this time, because now, we have access to a greater depth of being, we can burrow deep, like a mole under the earth – guided by it’s feeling perception because it is otherwise blind.

Your dreams and your cycle, are something that you already have. They are integrated ‘tools’ in your system and therefore, tools for you to utilise for your own empowerment.


In DREAMSCAPES: Painting the Language of Dreams workshop, we explore these tools together and have fun with creativity and connection with others as we enter the magical and mysterious realms of our dreamscapes.

This day-long workshop is coming up on Saturday 27th of July at the Moray Art Centre in Findhorn Eco-Village, Scotland.

Learn how to access and work with your dreams at any time to reveal the subtle inner world of your psyche, the subconscious, your spiritual and creative life and the personal rhythms that give us all deep insight and understanding about who we are individually and our place in the larger eco-system of life.

Now is the time to book your place!
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I welcome any questions, comment below if you have wonderings, concerns, or inspirations that you’d like to ask/share.

with love & sovereignty,


Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2019
Spring Dreaming > Anna Wir Photography © 2016-2019
*Wikipedia – Sovereignty definition.