It was my birthday on Sunday 21st April this week! 

I love birthdays because they are an opportunity to celebrate this thing we call LIFE and to honour the unique journey that each of us have been on to reach this moment in time.

Whilst walking on the sunny beach at Findhorn Bay, I felt the ‘high’ of an inspired idea (which I go into more deeply in my upcoming book) that I wanted to share with you today…

watch the video to learn:

  • why pure inspiration feels so good when we are in it
  • why the original inspired idea doesn’t always turn out the way we expected
  • how we ‘filter’ pure inspiration and why it doesn’t matter
  • why it’s important to ‘do it anyway’

Thank you so much for watching and reading ~ you make such a difference just being you! 

Share your experiences of filtering inspiration ~ leave a comment below ~

your words could help someone somewhere DO IT ANYWAY!



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