A few days into my holiday in Italy this April, I received an invitation to speak with Laura Hollick on Skype. Laura is an internationally recognised artist, shaman and creator of Soul Art journeys and is based in Canada. On our call, she invited me to be one of five featured artists, live in her studio in Canada for her yearly International Soul Art Day. I felt a 100% YES! So three weeks later, I was on a flight to Canada for the first time.

The day was epic! There ended up being four featured artists in the studio who all flew in from outside of Canada to be there for the day. We were greeted by Laura and her partner Kevin Thom with a delicious coconut drink and a studio tour (the studio is AMAZING!) and launched right in to the creative vortex of Soul Art Day.

So for those of you who are still wondering what Soul Art Day actually is:

Soul Art® is a process created by Laura Hollick that supports deep healing, transformation and awakens your creative power. It allows you to see from your soul’s perspective through the creation of art. Thousands of people gather online every year to participate in Laura’s guided Soul Art journey.

On this years Soul Art Day, over 12,000 creative spirits joined us online on livestream to participate in the process of creation and to contribute to the creative energy vortex of the day, by creating their own soul art at home.

We experienced so much in the 12 hours we were in the studio together with Kevin Thom capturing these amazing images of our day and supporting us all during our Google Hangouts where we connected with other artists and creators from around the world in deep, fun and enlightening conversations. 

We doused ourselves in potent Flower elixirs, oils and essences from Lotuswei and infused them into our art along with water from a local waterfall, we shared delicious raw food, created our own oracle word cards and experienced rituals to guide us deep into our soul art.

Intense, magical, transforming, moving, are all words that arise from the day! I’m continuing the dialogue and creation of and with my Soul Art at home.

Check out the Gallery below of Kevin Thom’s photography capturing the rich, colourful and magical moments from our day. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Soak it up and enjoy!

And look out for my new online retreat coming out in June where you can Enter the Sacred Portal of your being through Art (Subscribe to Rhythmic Inspiration Newsletters at www.janecormack.com to be notified when the course is released!).