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Beauty is a VAST subject and one that many women and girls are obsessed with.

The comparison game keeps many women thinking and feeling they are ‘not enough’, not thin enough, voluptuous enough, smooth enough, cool enough, toned enough, just plain not enough.  Getting stuck in this ‘not enough’ mentality feels pretty shitty.

Because we are given an ‘idealised’ image of what beauty ‘should’ look like by mainstream media and fashion, the ‘not enough’ feelings are heightened or lowered to meet this ‘elevated pedestal’ and all those who stand on it.

When we bring ‘consciousness’ back into beauty, it widens our scope to perceive the beauty in all things; including our own very unique versions of beauty in the life stage we are in.


There are many ‘facets’ that create the beauty of who you are. ~ JC


I’ve felt inspired to create the theme of my next ‘Feminine Focus’ workshop on the subject of conscious beauty and have created this short video on ‘Conscious Beauty and Creating Yourself’ ~ Watch the video below to learn how to bring more consciousness and pleasure to your ‘beauty regime’ and the creative element in learning to appreciate your own version of gorgeousness.


The Power of Beauty 

Beauty has the power to deeply move us emotionally ~ from a breathtaking mountaintop vista, a scarlet red tulip growing alone in a field of grass, sunlight shining through new spring leaves, the woman or man you fall in love with.  We are moved by their beauty because beauty encompasses the intangible.
Beauty is expressed through the essence of you as well as how you ‘create yourself’ on the outside.


You can learn to become more ‘conscious’ of your beauty, and develop radiance, presence and feminine power whilst being who you naturally are.

Join us for the Feminine Focus ~ ‘Conscious Beauty’ workshop on May 25th in Aberdeen, Scotland to experience the power of your personal presence and magnetism, cultivate confidence and pleasure in creating yourself and learn how to let in healthy appreciation from others and why doing so, makes you more magnetic.  Read more details of this workshop here and receive your early booking discount until the 16th of May.

New Introduction Evening ~

Want to join me at a beautiful spa, drink herbal teas and experience a FREE introduction evening?  I’m hosting ‘Getting to know your Feminine Essence’ at CitiSpa in Aberdeen on Tuesday 6th May, 7.00-9.15pm.  If you’ve been to an introduction event before and wanted to bring your friends along, then let them know about this event; call CitiSpa on 01224 531105 and let us know you’re coming.  Get more details here.


Weekly Classes

If you want to learn step-by-step practices to increase your feminine presence, deepen your sensual nature and bring more joy, fulfillment and meaning into your life, then join my weekly classes.

My Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion Series begins on the 7th of May.

These classes are for women who want to open to more intimacy, de-stress, relax into their natural state of being and feel more confident with their feminine power.

Practicing this transformational work on a weekly basis will allow you to experience way more than what’s possible in a short workshop.  We connect with the same intimate group for the 5 week series which supports us to amplify our intentions and desires in a safe and relaxing environment, make new friendships and create new opportunities for collaboration.  Anything is possible when women gather with a shared intention:

‘When women gather together in groups to support, share and encourage each other…magic happens’.

There are 3 places currently available for this series so get in touch if you’d like to join us.  Further information on classes can be found here: Classes

(If you know you can’t make the entire series of dates, please get in touch to discuss options).



Check out my new ‘Feminine Focus’ One to One Private Sessions for women.

Choose to take the time to focus on your Feminine side and give her your undivided attention.

My Feminine Focus Package is a new way to work with me over a period of time and includes one to one sessions as well as a group event and more.  Feminine Focus Individual Starter Sessions are also available:

To find out more details of how you can work privately with me go here: Feminine Focus Private Sessions


What is it about someone or something that you find beautiful?  How do you feel in the presence of beauty?  And what is beautiful about you?  Share on the blog by leaving a comment below or on the Facebook.  (Ps: feel free to start a discussion on anything you’ve seen me write or talk about on Rhythmic Inspiration here: Jane Cormack).

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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