Having the word ‘Feminine’ in the title of anything immediately elicits some kind of emotional and/or visual response or association. 

Think about it for a moment.

When you hear that something or someone is ‘feminine’, what do you think about and see in your mind’s eye?

I wanted to shoot a video to clarify what my own work with feminine essence and women is about…check it out at the end of the post.

All of us already have associations with our experience of what something is…but does that mean it’s true?  Let me explain; from our experiences in life and growing up in the family and culture that we each grew up in, we were taught, directly or indirectly what being or looking feminine is and what happens when we look or ‘be’ feminine.

The Belief Systems We Create

What if you were taught a false belief about what being feminine looks and feels like?  One could argue that any belief has the potential to be false given that we are all taught and usually adhered to certain sets of beliefs within our family unit and culture.  What makes a belief true or not?

At any point we can change our beliefs if they limit us from experiencing a fuller and more joyful experience of life.  Afterall, the purpose of life is to enjoy it.  If you don’t believe that the purpose of life is to enjoy it, why not try this belief on for size?  If you’re sole purpose in life is to deeply enjoy every experience that you create, then how would your life look or feel different?  What choices would you make based on this new belief system?  Probably a few different ones to the choices you have been making right!?

We believe what we want to believe.  And those beliefs help to create our everyday life experiences.  So what beliefs do you hold that are limiting your enjoyment of life?  Maybe you believe there’s never enough money…and so there isn’t, because you believe it.  Maybe you believe others always succeed and do what you’d like to do better, so what’s the point in you doing it too?  Or maybe you believe being or looking feminine will attract unwanted attention, or that enjoying your feminine sensuality is ‘bad’.  Whatever your beliefs, if they are not enhancing your expansion and joy of life, then just like perspectives, they can be changed.

I’m sure we have all experienced being in a negative state of mind and had a good mental rant about what’s not going well (an occasional good rant can be pretty healthy and freeing!), and then something or someone helped lift you out of it.  Your perspective changed and suddenly life looked completely glowing and wonderful!  Many women experience this sudden change in dark to light mental and emotional states overnight from the day before menstruation (dark) to the onset of their first day (light).

So if I said to you, “We are going to focus on your feminine today”; do you baulk at the idea and feel somewhat uncomfortable?  Do you think ‘yayyyy, I never get to do that!’?  Or maybe you think, ‘what the hell does that even mean!?’

How you react is based on what you already believe through what you have already experienced.

The Balance of Masculine and Feminine

So how do you find your way of balance between the masculine and feminine energies within you?  Often to find balance we have to tip the scales.  The scales have been tipped in the masculine direction for many years.  And now, we see the scales moving toward the feminine direction.

So within you, when you begin your journey in ‘Feminine Focus’, we tip the scales all the way to the feminine; only then can you find your balance in the spectrum of masculine and feminine.

We need to fully experience both principles to find our balance.
In Rhythmic Inspiration TV this week, I clarify the distinctions between masculine and feminine from my own perspective and answer the frequently asked question, ‘Why Feminine Focus?’ Watch it below:

Thank you for watching and reading!

For more on this subject watch ‘Why There is More Pleasure & Freedom in Our Feminine Essence’.

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Feminine Focus

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How do you ‘react’ to the word ‘feminine?’  As always, we’d love to hear you in the comments below.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

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