I say ‘Forgotten’ Art of Pleasure because for many women pleasure is not a priority and is contained to very specific moments and experiences.  It has been squeezed out of daily life leaving ladies flat and lifeless.

And thus it becomes an ‘art’ to allow ourselves to experience pleasure in a myriad of ways in the small and big moments of our days.  In our movement, our food, our connections, our work; our natural sensuality and the smell after rain.

To discover and embody our own power and pleasure, found within our feminine essence, is truly empowering.

But it can take courage to really own this power and allow this pleasure to seep into all areas of our lives.  When we do allow and experience more pleasure and feel this inner power, we begin to shine.

Pleasure is the antithesis of stress.  And we are all aware of the damage that long term stress can cause on our physical and emotional health and well-being.

So then consider the power of pleasure and it’s effects on our health and well-being.  Simple, yet vastly effective in healing many stress related emotional, mental and physical problems; and just pure joy too!

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Spring Change and New Things

New dates are coming up at the end of April for a one day workshop and the introduction evening with a new Spring 5 Week Immersion Series beginning in May.

But before I go into the details of that, spring change is in the air and so is a new look website for me!  We’ll be saying farewell to Rhythm In Colour as I return to my roots at Janecormack.com in the next couple of weeks.  So you’ll start receiving a new look e-zine as well!

Janecormack.com was first launched way back in 2002 when I began my original jewellery, accessory and design business.  In 2009, Rhythm In Colour was launched and has been my online ‘home’ since then, until now.

I’ve been freshening up, re-designing and playing in my original and new online home which I’ll look forward to sharing with you this month.  So stay connected.


On Sunday 26th April I’m offering a one day workshop in Berlin focusing on the power and the pleasure that we can tap into when we focus on our feminine essence.

With body awareness, movement and learning to contain and circulate energy, often in very subtle ways; we can tap into the power and pleasure source that we all have and witness how the world looks different from this perspective.

Find out more and book ahead HERE (more details coming soon)


The next 5 week immersion series begins on Wednesday evenings on the 6th of May.  An early booking discount is available until 29th April and there are 8 places available.

This 5 week course will lead you through the fundamentals of feminine practice, of connecting to and activating your deepest feminine essence and to feel more confident and radiant in your body, natural sensual nature and feminine power.  And you’ll get the support and encouragement from a group of amazing women; that’s worth everything.

Get the Dates, Times and more info HERE.

What are the small pleasures of life that light up your day?  Perhaps it’s the smell after the rain?  We’d love to hear, so share in the comments below.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany,


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