Language of the Feminine –

Awaken the Source of your Creative, Intuitive & Sensual Self


Our world is in need of the feminine awakening, it calls for deep wisdom, power, softness, love and compassion and for the wholeness of our feminine nature; this awakening begins within us, both women and men.

In Language of the Feminine, Jane Cormack guides you to embody ‘feminine wholeness’, through re-discovering forgotten pleasures, listening to your natural intuitive abilities, developing clear confidence in the unique ways that you perceive life and unlocking your feminine element, which is accessible at all times. It’s an invitation to harness the courage to listen to and follow your inner guidance. Jane offers insights and simple tools to learn the language of your expression and how to notice the signs, which are reflected back to you. These signs are in essence, the Language of the World.

Language of the Feminine will help you to:

• Explore the voices and aspects of your own true essence
• Return to the pleasure of life and living

• Tap into the richness and potency found within your feminine source

• Enjoy your woman’s body and learn to experience more sensuality, creativity and pleasure through her

• Trust yourself, your intuition and ideas, no matter how wild they may seem

• Understand the Language of the World; the unique way in which you communicate with your surroundings and the universe

Through our daily expressions in work, creativity and relationships, we can reconnect with this element and experience the joy, pleasure, ease, confidence, power and self- trust that awaits us. The question is, will we embrace life’s magic and finally reclaim the language of the feminine?



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What is the Language of the Feminine?

It can be hard for a woman to articulate the sophistication of her whole being and system through linguistic language, because the depth, complexity, the mysterious, vast, human, divine, energetic, physical woman who is a part of the larger eco-system of life is ever unfolding and evolving.

Linguistic language allows us to verbally communicate in ways that are (usually!) easy to make sense of. Linguistic language is direct, however, this language can only express certain elements of who we are and what we are here to bring. It has its limitations.

Linguistic Language is structural; it is a masculine construct built with sentences, grammar, letters, pronunciation etc. Whereas the Language of the Feminine is non-linear, organic, often invisible to the eye movements, expressions, communications and understandings. This language is less structural.

For the health of a woman’s whole system, she needs to find her inner feminine language, the innate feminine intelligence that exists within her, to trust the unique way that it speaks to her and to learn how best to move, articulate and express it.

So how does a woman access and express her feminine intelligence? How does she communicate with the Language of the Feminine?

This, is what we explore when we work together through my courses, programmes, workshops or mentoring sessions.

The Language of the Feminine is:

  • the language that exists within our bodies
  • the language of our ever-changing female cycles
  • the language of our intuition
  • the language of our sensual and sexual energy
  • the language of touch
  • the language of our movement and dance
  • the language of the sounds we make
  • the language of the colours we choose and the marks we make when we paint
  • the language of our creativity through style
  • the language of plants, flowers, trees and plant medicine and our ability to communicate with them
  • the language of our inner knowing/gnosis 
  • the language of energy and its movement through us and all of life


 What People Are Saying ~

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Hear Personal Stories of how the book is impacting lives ~


“Dear Jane, Just wanted to send you message, to say a big thank you for your book! I just finished reading it and I’m gutted that it’s finished!!

It’s a great read… I feel so inspired and nurtured by it and it was uncanny the number of synchronicities that occurred for me as I journeyed through the book (right down to the day I got it, a few hours before I had had a session with my craniosacral therapist and my body clearly told me that I needed to explore the ‘language of the feminine’ more! Ha!) So it’s been perfect timing for me and it’s been gorgeous to see how reading it has been a gentle opening of greater awareness to my experience of life. In turn this has manifested all kinds of delights in my world and I am very grateful.

I think what you are doing, and the way you are doing it, is incredibly inspiring and I’m looking forward to the next book!!!”

With love, Ali (Hodgson) Pitlochry, Scotland.


Hi Jane, just had to send you a wee message! I am halfway through your book, ‘Language of the Feminine’ and relishing it. I know how I feel after I read a really good book so I am taking this one real slow! I can relate to so much and you word it so well and at times make me feel sane. Thanks so much for the great read. It is so calming and is like my evening meditation and treat”.Elizabeth Doherty, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“This book will bring you back in tune with your true essence of being and why you’re here in the first place. Reading ‘Language of the Feminine’ brought me to a place of purpose, awareness and understanding; it was like taking a deep breath.” –  Toni Bate, Creative Director – Indie Publishing Limited, Scotland, UK.


I love this book about feeling fully alive as a woman! In my work with women I see how they desire to be more in tune with something. Often they do not exactly know with what, but they do know, it is something other than goals, stress, to do lists or to be lists Jane offers such a rich palette for women. She invites us to open ourselves on a daily basis for so many different things that surround us by nature. It is an eye-opener on how little we need, to be able to recalibrate ourselves. She opens many doors and brings clear steps to help women find their own style, inner wisdom and inner guidance. She widens our perception on the variety of ways available to us, to find our own unique inner mentor. This is how we tune-in to receive infinite support. Thank you Jane!” –  Marijke Derese, Psychotherapist & Women’s Work at Essensual, Belgium.


“I loved this book, a lot! Every time I sat down to read it, I felt at peace. The language is so poetic and sophisticated and the whole cultural and artistic heritage of Jane is palpable. I felt the energy behind every word in total alignment with who she is and the work she is doing in the world. The language, topics and whole spirit of the book is so feminine and felt soothing to my soul. For a modern women who is too often living from her masculine essence just reading this book would be therapy to bring her energies into balance”.Nora Nagy, Health & Beauty Coach, Here & Now, Berlin.


“At a moment in time, when the world is calling us all to reconnect to the Deep Feminine within, comes this wonderful guide, Language of the Feminine, to help reconnect us to our true feminine power. Many women are lost in understanding what, the deep feminine really means; they do not know, in this fast moving, materialistic-oriented world, how to find their own purpose, beauty and self-love. The common attitudes of our current culture, are about ‘comparison’ and ‘more’ and ‘now.’ The impact of this ‘not knowing’ on our society is tremendous. Jane Cormack guides us to understand where our true roots are by using self-inquiry projects to reach a more trusting, more complete and truer aspect of Self. This is a beautiful book for all young women, women young at heart, and women encouraged to find themselves and their true power, at whatever stage of life”.Sabina Rademacher, Coach and Facilitator in Leadership, Finding your True Purpose and Sacred Intimacy”. Member of facilitators at Rising Women Rising World, Berlin.


Jane Cormack skillfully brings a full and deep understanding, through her passion and study of the feminine and creativity, in her book, ‘Language of the Feminine.’ This is a universal language we all, women and men, can draw upon. It’s our innate, intuitive nature, but often needs to be fully recognised and reenergised. At the end of each chapter, Jane offers exercises and journaling, through questioning and personal examples; it helps us explore and harness this language to be our full potential the echo of our own heart. – Joan Greenblatt, cofounder of the INNER DIRECTIONS FOUNDATION and author of Healing with Flower Essences, CA, USA.


Dear Jane, I wanted to share with you a moment from my Harvest Moon weekend retreat. Six women were present and I prepared eight stones. I painted on the stones words that I picked at random from your book > Joy, Light, Space, Feminine, Connection, Experience, Pleasure and Voice. I wanted words that would really have an impact, so what better source than the Language of the Feminine. I put the stones into wee bags, attached a feather and sneaked off into the woods in the early hours of the morning. I hung them on a tree stump. As our group took our mindful walk in nature, I walked them to this keeper of the words. There, the words were chosen through ceremony by each woman. We continued our walk holding the word and asking what nature has to teach us about that energy, then the feather was planted with a positive action in mind. What an impact that had. It was truly magical! – Joany McGuire, Way of the Warrioress Workshop Leader, Ullapool, Scotland.