I know I’ve certainly used the word ‘wholeness’ in my work before and have done some deeper introspection on the use of this word, which does, let’s face it, imply that we are not ‘whole’ already…but rather, ‘half’ or a third or in many pieces.
I see wholeness as a gathering together of the multiple parts or aspects of who we are, which, although always a part of us, can become fragmented or seemingly broken into pieces…scattered by the wind like seeds growing in multiple places simultaneously. And the gathering together of all these fragmented pieces means embracing them, welcoming them home like dear old friends, weary or fragile as they are from their journey, to gather round the warmth of our inner hearth where all our aspects sit together and deeply listen to each other.
And with each story told, with each part listened to, these aspects are slowly woven into a more conscious, gathered, collective ‘wholeness’ which includes all that we deem to be ‘broken’ within ourselves that never truly was.
Every aspect of you, fragile, weary or otherwise, creates your wholeness…which is the language of you.
So embrace and welcome home the warrior, lover, witch, wild one, animal, mother, artist, therapist, goddess, the grounded, spontaneous, organised parts, and all the other multiple expressions of you. Gather round…maybe it’s time for a chat ?
Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence