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I want to bring awareness to the sacredness of our cycles, which is perhaps not the piece of it that we place too much attention on. Which, in many ways, can contribute to some of the issues that are experienced by many women during pre-menstruum and bleed time.

Treating ourselves and our cycles as sacred, is obviously connected to our capacity to love who we are so that we can create boundaries around the time we need to release, rest, renew and regenerate. So our periods are incredible in-built ‘tools’ so to speak that we can ‘work with’ continuously to develop more loving relationships with self and that shows us through different ‘symptoms’ where attention is needed – sometimes it’s not clear right-away, and it takes several cycles to work with or feel into a particular thing before clarity comes, and sometimes, it’s becomes immediately apparent WHEN we are present and give awareness to our cycles – this is how we honour ourselves – it begins with a willingness to be present enough to listen to the deeper murmurings of our being.

A quote from page 80, chapter four, The Language of Feminine Power from my book shares this sentiment in a poetic way:

“Our monthly menses is our nectar from the hive of our wombs. If we care for ourselves very well, particularly prior to menstruation, when we begin to bleed, like nectar, we can harvest a multitude of the sweetest, most potent, inspired ideas and clear intuitive ‘knowing’ from a place of deep wisdom. Sensitivity is heightened so we can access deeper insights that we often feel under the surface during the rest of the month but don’t always hear as clearly. This is the feminine power within. Now it arises and if we give ourselves space, time to reflect, go outside, be in nature and do what the soul is calling us to do, which also may be nothing, we are acting in reverence of our GOD-dess nature. We treat this time and ourselves as sacred. Because it is.” – Jane A. Cormack – Language of the Feminine.

So, I want to ask you – when you think of your cycle as being sacred – how does that feel? What comes up for you?

Love to hear your comments on this!

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