I’ve always felt this innate connection to the natural world and the other species I meet on my path; it’s something I touch upon in The Language of Nature chapter of my book, Language of the Feminine.
What’s most prominent in the quote above from Sharon Blackie, is the recognition that we are, in fact, more like other living things, than we are different from them. And this applies to our relationships with each other too.
Our sense of superiority as humans, seeing ourselves as ‘above’ every other living thing on the planet, is part of what causes us to feel separate from it. Apart from it. ‘Other’ from it. Disconnected from it and therefore, often from ourselves. This sense of isolation, this illusion of separate-ness causes discomfort and pain where we truly want to feel belonging and connection.
Our menstrual cycles can be that powerful channel of connection that brings us back into feeling and knowing our ‘likeness’ over our differences, because it reminds us that we are animals too. That we have a cyclical rhythm, are deeply intuitive and wild at our hearts, as nature and other living things are.
It’s important to recognise your own ‘language’ your natural way of being and the gifts and skills you have. Yet, in those moments when you feel a bit ‘apart’ from everything, look for how are you like other people and living things, more than searching for how you are different from them.
Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence