You may have noticed that often your dreamtime becomes more active and intense in the time just preceding menstruation and in the first days of bleeding.

This is a time when we are processing so much that comes ‘up’ for our attention and that energy can emerge in the dreamtime – after the release moment of the bleed arriving, our dreams carry deep insights about our life situations – this is a prime time to work with the dreams that you have, and write them in a journal upon waking, because often the very act of writing helps you to remember more about the dream and find the deeper meaning and insights of it.

Days 2-4 are often the days in the cycle when our dreams can shed light on understanding or gaining insight on certain life matters – although every woman is different in her moontime experiences – there are similarities in the process.

It’s an amazing time to retreat into the inner self – if you find it challenging to create time during the days of menstruation for retreat – then make the intention to process and release in the dreamtime and write them down, you can then go back to the dream in the evening to explore it’s meaning. It can take time for this to arrive fully in your conscious – yet working with menstrual dreaming helps what is unconscious within us, become conscious.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this too. Do you notice a shift in your dreams just before and during menstruation? What happens for you?
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