We are all wise. Image ©Jane Cormack 2013.

We all have a wise woman (or man!) that lives within…

a part of us that is connected to ‘knowing’, an eternally wise guiding voice that we can feel, sense or hear.  We are already wise.  But do we listen?  Do we move on our knowing?

And what is wisdom anyway?  To me, it is an ability to ‘know’ and then ‘do’ based on that ‘knowing’.  ‘Knowing’ is not merely knowledge because accumulated knowledge without conduct is just a bunch of information.  Psychologists call this the ‘Knowing-doing gap’.  Wisdom is the experience of knowledge, it is the embodiment of it.  It’s like knowing all there is to know about chocolate…the chemical compounds, its origins, how it’s made, what it should taste like…but until you taste chocolate, you do not ‘know’ it, you just know about it.  It is through the experiencing of our knowing that we grow and learn the most…that we fully realise, that we remember ancient wisdom.

Ask yourself…do you want to know the chocolate?  Or just know about the chocolate ;))

How well do you know me? Koko Black ~ Chocolate Alchemy Cake by Chocolate Alchemy, Australia, 2013.

Ancient wisdom, if it has survived, is timeless wisdom, wisdom that has lasted through the ages because it worked then, just as it does now, it is both modern and old.  These are the golden threads woven throughout history in religion, spirituality, literature, music and mysticism; these golden threads create part of the tapestry of humanity.  They are core universal truths that have been revived, re-packaged and produced in a multitude of guises from the ‘New’ Age Movement to Quantum Physics.

And the wise woman/man within us has access to this wisdom.

We can activate the wisdom we already have in many ways, but I find meditation and visual journeys a very powerful way to open to the ‘knowing’ we have and to begin to use it more effectively in our lives.

I created ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ as an enjoyable, fun, yet deep journey to activate the wisdom within that is often ignored.  Because listening is the first step to your knowing.

So, in honour of the month of love I have decided to offer a very special 50% off SALE, a February Valentines Discount on my ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’!

You can read all the details of what’s in the kit and the benefits it will bring right here: ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ details

But for a short overview:

What You’ll Get:

  • 3 x MP3 Audio Visual Journey Meditations
  • 3 x Deepening Your Wisdom Journal Exercises

All three visual journey meditations are very different and quite unique:

  • The Grounding Roots Visual Journey Meditation
  • The Colour Saturation Visual Journey Meditation
  • The Connecting with Animal Wisdom Visual Journey Meditation

These meditations with accompanying journal exercises lead you on a magical visual journey and help to ignite new thought, new potential and renewed trust in your own inner ‘knowing’, the wisdom that you carry inside that may be lying dormant.

Instead of paying USD$47 (approx £29.00), you will receive a huge 50% discount and pay a one-off payment of USD$23.50 (approx £14.40) for the kit which you can use again and again.

You’ll get access straight-away and can begin to travel on your visual journey into your wisdom.

You can access your 50% off month of love discount HERE 

On another note, I’m currently setting dates for new classes, workshops and offerings and so I’ll let you know as soon as they are set…in the meantime…enjoy the journey!

What do you have a lot of knowledge about but you have not had an embodied experience of yet?  I invite (and challenge;) you to truly know it and share your experiences in the comments below!

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love

3 Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom ~ click to watch the video & read the article as a wee Bonus filmed from 4,000 year old ancient site,Clava Cairns in Scotland.


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