Deepen Your Roots Kaua’i Tree ~ image © Jane Cormack 2013

Are your roots strong enough? 

After a creative blossoming, be that a new business venture, relationship, creative project or travel experience, it’s important to go back to our own roots to strengthen them before the next blossoming phase happens.

Like a flower that blooms and wilts, blooms and wilts, women follow this rhythm like the seasons of nature.  After blooming, we need to return to our roots to strengthen them ready for the next bloom.  Without doing so we begin to leak out our radiant life-force energy, liquidising our gifts, offerings and presence.

If we continue to push out new blossoms from weak roots then the next flowering won’t be as rich, sweet, full, succulent or inspiring as it could be.

It’s easy to pop out a new product, program, e-book or event covering the basics; but if you really want to offer the best of what you’ve got, then you have to delve deeper into your own source of internal wisdom and cultivate a more intimate relationship with yourself.

There are  many ways to deepen your connection to yourself and strengthen your roots, so finding a practice that ‘fits’ you is essential.

Here are some simple practices for you to begin strengthening your connection to you:

  • Daily meditation (use music if it helps to calm the mind chatter and begin by focusing on your hara/sacral/womb space area)
  • Practice being present with yourself and your body as you shower each day ~ give your complete nurturing attention to the different parts of your body as you wash and care for yourself
  • Sit outside in nature and do the ‘Grounding Roots’ meditation (from my ‘Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit ~ see details here).  This will help you to connect deeply to the earth’s core AND your highest consciousness.
  • Learn to listen, trust and take action on your own source of internal guidance

The key is consistency and that means practicing daily.  

The main gift of cultivating a practice like this is to develop a trusting relationship with yourself, to feel grounded in your body and most importantly; to understand, feel and use your own internal guidance system so that the decisions you make come from a clear, grounded connection serving your highest intentions and purpose.

Share your wisdom and your daily practice if you have one ~ leave a comment below ~ your unique words could be a catalyst for someone!

I’m being called to deepen and strengthen my own roots after a huge creative blossoming last year.  This will be the last Rhythmic Inspiration edition from The Netherlands for now as I return to my homelands of Scotland to re-connect with the land, family and friends and my ancestral roots.
…with Much Love from Holland,


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