Are you a city girl or a nature lover?  Or maybe you’re a bit of both?  I know I am!

In this week’s video I share with you:

  • how we can work with nature to inspire and fuel our creativity 
  • how tapping into different kinds of natural environments can propel us towards our highest potentials and our biggest dreams
  • how, no matter where you live, you can interact with nature in profound or incredibly simple ways
  • how interaction with nature improves the way you feel physically, emotionally and energetically
  • how an ancient rainforest helped me get on my path
  • the reciprocal nature of…nature and how we must GIVE back

Watch the Video here:

Maybe you grew up in the city and never really developed a close connection or even an understanding of nature and the enormous gifts we can receive if we learn how? Or maybe you live deep in the wild somewhere but you still haven’t made the connection between nature and how it affects your business and relationships?

In our upcoming ‘The Feminine Art of Listening workshops, Connecting Nature & Creativity’, we show you the how’s  ~ how YOU can cultivate or deepen your connection with nature to transform your life ~ Yes, it can be that powerful!


OMG, She’s Hugging a TREE!!!  Yes, that’s Right! ~ Giving Back the Love!

All the details and how to book for your early booking discount can be found right here:
Until next time………Keep Creating & Connecting…with Love