I’ve been thinking about women’s bellies recently.  

How beautiful, soft, tender, succulent and feminine they are.

How we hold our power, our fears and our feminine essence there within the dark and mysterious walls of the womb.

I’ve been looking at my own belly, sometimes round and full, sometimes flat and soft and feeling what a place of comfort it is.  A place of nurturing.  I remember snuggling into the soft belly of my Mother when I was a child, and feeling safe there, feeling loved and held there.  Like a cocoon of warm, physical tenderness.

There is nothing as nurturing, comforting and loving as resting our weary heads and hearts on the soft cushion of a woman’s apricot peachy belly.

From there, we also feel her strength, her lioness, her sensuality, her exquisite deliciousness; her feminine power and softness.

Honour your belly, your woman’s belly ~ no matter how round, how soft, how flat or firm, how marked and pulled, how brown or freckled or creamy white.

Learn to love this sacred place and let go of holding her tight, holding her in, hurting her with your less than loving thoughts and words.

Treat your womanliness as sacred, because it is; you are a goddess at your core ~ JC


And a reminder of where you can come to learn to love and listen to the feminine part of you calling out to give you her attention ~

What’s Coming UP?

The next 5 Week Immersion Series begins at Orchard Place in Aberdeen on June 18th!  Every Wednesday evening from 7-9.30pm we get to connect with our sisters and delve into the power, potency and pleasure of our feminine essence in a safe, nourishing and creative space.  These classes focus on our inner selves and open the doorway to deeper transformation, connection and joy with ourselves and those we love.

Places are still available, it’s not too late to join! ~ find out further details here: Classes and if you have any questions, send me an e-mail!


Come to my ‘Getting to Know Your Feminine Essence‘ intro afternoon at Aberdeen Well-being Centre on Saturday 21st June, 2pm -4.30pm.  Get a taste of what connecting to your feminine essence feels like, learn why you’ll want to spend as much time there as possible and relax in this new space for well-being.  You’ll find further details here: Intro Afternoonplease book in advance so we know your’e coming.


Feminine Focus & Art of Feminine Presence full day workshop!  On Sunday 6th of July at Aberdeen Well-Being Centre.  This is a chance for you to emerge yourself fully into your feminine for the day, to re-claim this potent and delicious part of yourself and focus on you and the feminine part of you first (for a change!).

There’s an early booking discount until June 27th for this event ~ Find all the details here: Workshops and get in touch to book your place (10 places available).

Private One to One Sessions are also available if you want to go deeper and have a more personalised experience:  Feminine Focus Sessions.

Let women know ~ let yourself experience the gift waiting in the awakening of your feminine side.  Be the guide and the light for others by honouring all that is magnificent in being a woman.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love



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