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Jane inspires and supports women around the world, to re-connect with their feminine intelligence; their intuition, natural rhythm, creativity and power, so that they trust in their own voice and have courage to make new or bold choices. Ultimately, guiding women back to their true nature, so that they can recognise their unique expression, feel a sense of home and belonging within themselves and in the world, aware that their voice, presence and purpose, matters.



I’ve led workshops, retreats, classes and circles for women focused on feminine embodiment, menstrual cycle awareness, grounded spirituality and creativity, in-person for 13 years, mentored 1:1 sessions for women in-person and online for 6 years and now offer my creative, educational, experiential deep-dive programmes and courses online.

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Professional Background

International Author, Artist and Holistic Women’s Empowerment Leader

Advocate of Cyclical Living – Supporting Women to live a life of beauty, creativity and meaning.

After gaining a BA honours degree in 3D Design, Jane began her first business in jewellery and accessory design in Scotland.  Over the course of thirteen years, Jane’s work was exhibited in Galleries, sold in stores and design markets in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  She also ran a successful online business exhibiting her own handmade work as well as her originally designed handbags, jewellery, greetings cards, handmade poetry books and hair accessories.  Jane has worked on many private commissions and tutored in design in Scotland and Australia.  Her unique, nature inspired designs were featured in L’Oreal Australia’s, 2006 Calendar.

Jane’s creative journey and passion for travel led her to work as a freelance writer in print and online and in the art departments of the Film and Television Industry in New Zealand.

After four years living in Australia and New Zealand, Jane returned to the UK, to London to study a Master’s Degree in Creative & Professional Writing.  From there, she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and launched her second business, ‘Rhythm In Colour ~ Cultivating Courage in Women to Shine’ teaching multi-creative personal and spiritual growth workshops for women; they included voice and sound work, painting/colour and art, movement and dance as well as writing, poetry and meditation.

She then spent 3 months on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, a year living in the Spiritual and Eco-Community of Findhorn in Scotland, 3 months in the Netherlands, lived in an apartment above ‘Hitler’s Bunker’ where she hosted Feminine Presence classes in Berlin, Germany, a year in a conservational cottage from the 18th century in the hills of southern Scotland, 10 months in community in a Victorian Manor house with walled gardens…and many places in-between – truly living and exploring the meaning of ‘Home, Belonging & Sanctuary’.

During this time, Jane developed a body of powerful tools that empower, support, inspire and guide women into their own sovereignty while in connection with the eco-system of the world and nature.

She has taught and led many workshops, retreats and classes nationally and internationally supporting women to listen to their own cycles and rhythms, embody their feminine energy; to connect to their power, pleasure and creativity and feel more confident and courageous to trust their intuition, step out into the world, create an impact in their own unique way, and shine.

Jane holds a BA honours degree in 3D Design and a Masters degree in Creative & Professional Writing.  She is a graduate of Business Leadership Mastery, has a eclectic body of experience in many different spiritual, personal growth and creative modalities and has lived and travelled widely.

Jane is the author of Language of the Feminine – Awaken the Source of Your Creative, Intuitive & Sensual Self available on Amazon in print and ebook editions. And the accompanying Pleasure Project Journal & Workbook.

‘Jane draws on her unique life experiences and skills which together with her deeply intuitive nature and sense of fun, allows her to create original, creative, inspiring and powerful transformations and experiences for women’.


The way I teach and guide is a unique FUSION of my lived experiences, personal studies and professional trainings in:


A Little More Creative

Growing up in Scotland I spent years in wide open spaces, on beaches, forests and rivers, in coastal dunes and cliffs and in the wild mountains.  The earth is my home and I am naturally me when I am connected to earth.  Grounded and in my body, bare feet feeling soft sand, cold stone and skin dampened by drizzle, warmed by sun, hair whisked by wind, floating down river currents or jumping through huge waves ~ I merge with nature and I hear the Language of the World.

Nature inspires my words, songs and poetry; my visions manifest in video format, writing, painting, dance and design.  Travel and adventure are my addictions.  The rush of new experiences, exciting foreign cultures; the people, places and food.  The flow of new ideas, of buzzing, pulsing, creative inspiration; I am in love in this place.  I am living alive and connected to life and the universe.

I like Word Collections to express and focus the essence of what I do:

Feminine Leadership, creative VISIONARY women, a touch of feminine MAGIC & BEAUTY, art, COLOUR, wisdom, nature, HEART, courage, vulnerability, EXPRESSION, LIFE-FORCE, living ALIVE, music, dance, INTUITION, love, TRUST, confidence, ACTION, strength, PRESENCE, magnetic, Radiant, SENSUAL, Value, grounded, MYSTERY, roots, focus and EXPANSION.

What else do I like? ~ I enjoy a bit of luxury, freedom, beautiful flowers, essential oils and natural remedies, wooden beams in houses, French films, large cosy beds, trees, warm weather and funky boots and hats ~ oh and jewellery, I really like jewellery.

“Convention means saying no to your dreams.  Choosing to live unconventionally simply means choosing to be you” – Jane Cormack


‘Jane gold’ image by Gary Muirson, © 2020
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B&W Jane in Nature Painting’ by Anna Meltzer © 2020