In my programmes and classes, I often use a gentle approach to call out the quiet voices from within participants. There can be a certain delicacy to listening to those internal voices that are often ignored for the louder ones, the ego-driven ones. There’s nothing wrong with ego – ego gives us the go-go, the drive for change, however, to access those voices of delicacy, we need to access a certain internal state of being. We can be brought to that state of being naturally on certain days of our menstrual cycles when our barriers to truths are somewhat finer. But we can also get there by other means that help to open the delicate voices that are waiting to be heard and that hold answers to the questions hearts are asking.


Purpose can often be found in quiet places, away from the eyes of the world but always witnessed by God/Source/Universe/fill-it-in. It can be felt in the moment you catch the eyes of the girl at the checkout, even though she’s been ‘giving’ through her eyes to customers all day, you give her something back in a knowing look when you see her. Or the starling with the damaged wing that you find in your garden, that you nurture and care for…there’s purpose in that exchange – purpose in the connection – change and beauty happen through it.

When I talk about purpose, it’s not just in the macro sense of BIG PURPOSE and the reason for being on this planet. No, it’s in all the beautiful, heart-wrenching, glorious and subtle ways; the delicate ways in which fulfilment and profound meaning can be experienced and lived. If I were to whittle purpose down to its core, I would say that our presence (every one of us and every species) has purpose simply by our being; our existence is purposeful.

You may wonder how this could be helpful when you’re contemplating a new life path and you want to get clear on the practical, earthy elements of what to do next.


In our upcoming study group and online course, A Sense of Purpose – we look at both of these aspects through the macro (profound, big picture) sense of Purpose and the micro (detail of what you actually do) sense of Purpose. We need the macro, to understand the micro – to give it depth and foundation. The details of the practical doings, won’t matter so much if it isn’t rooted in solid ground.

Click here to learn new details about what we’ll be excavating during A Sense of Purpose study group/course.

Feel welcome to share A Sense of Purpose with women who come to mind or spaces in which there may be women wondering what they have to give, what matters now, or who want more connection to themselves and others; you can help them find it.

with love and thanks,