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 It’s been a while since I’ve lived in a metropolis of a city like Berlin.

It’s an exciting place to be; creative, youthful, innovative, multi-cultural and in central Europe.  And for such a huge city, its pace is actually fairly mellow (depending on the area you live in). Yet no matter how cool or creative or apparently ‘mellow’ a city is, the energy of city life still never ‘lets go’.  It’s not an energy that supports most women to relax and soften into their bodies while out and about or to hear and move at their own rhythm; a city is always ‘on’.

Because we entrain to the environments we live in, it’s easy to get pulled into the frenetic, chaotic, ‘buzzing’ energy and rhythm of city life.  It can be exciting, stimulating, joyful and vibrant; so many colours, smells, voices, people, shops, markets, flyers and posters for events to go to, words and sounds, so much stimulation!!  And if a woman stays in this state of constant stimulation over prolonged periods of time, guess what…she burns out.  Maybe not in a few weeks or even a few months, but it is IN.EV.IT.ABLE, unless she learns to connect with herself every day.

How We Connect and Disconnect

If you’re sensitive to feeling energy around you, then city living means you’re going to feel a LOT.  Often too much.  It means that your level of self-care needs to go up, it means you need to find your sanctuary space to nurture and revive.  The energy of city life affects us ALL in very different ways in comparison to living in nature; whether by mountains, jungles or oceans.  We experience different ‘states of being’ while we are in these different places.

Some people are more sensitive or aware of feeling the energy of a place, some have got so used to it, they can’t remember or have never experienced anything else.  We only truly begin to know who we are/what we want/people/things by the contrast of experiencing things that are different or the opposite.  For example, without the masculine aspects that we all ‘have’, we could not fully know the feminine.

We’re globally connected in so many ways.  We hear stories from around the world through multi-media.  Technology allows us to connect with many more people and so much more information than was possible twenty years ago.  We can stay connected with friends and family living in different places and our laptop lifestyles online allow us to move and travel like never before.  (I love the coworking cafes and spaces in Berlin for freelancers to connect).  In the bigger picture, we are connected because we are all here together on planet Earth at this time…and yet so many people are still disconnected from their own hearts and bodies as well as from nature.

We cannot feel what is the highest and best for ourselves when we are disconnected from what we feel emotionally, physically and energetically.  Disconnection from ourselves leads to unhealthy food choices, relationship choices, work choices, home environment choices…life choices.  And it also leads to fear of deep connection and intimacy both with oneself and with others.

There are many ways we can cultivate connection, so lets begin with how to re-connect with YOU.  The following ‘ 3 ways to re-charge, re-connect and revive’ is actually for everyone, living wherever you live, and especially for urban city lovers:

3 Ways to Re-charge, Re-Connect and Revive for Urban City Lovers

  1. Begin each and every day connecting inwardly to yourself > Take an inventory of your physical body, your emotions and how you’re feeling and your energetic state of being.  An inventory means scanning through your body and tuning into your emotions like finding a radio station.  Just witness what you feel, without inner judgement and let yourself feel it.  You start the day centred in your own body knowing how you feel and are much less likely to get ‘pulled out’ during the rest of the day.


  1. Connect with a part of natural life…everyday > Even looking up at the sky and watching the clouds moving, feeling the rain on your face or breathing fresh air deeply in a quiet place is connecting.  Watching the birds flying and dotting around the rooftops of the city helps to connect us to the rhythm of the ‘natural world’.  Looking closely at and feeling the texture of leaves and plants or simply placing your hands in the garden soil connects you to the ‘voice’ and energy of nature.  This is incredibly uplifting yet grounding at the same time and brings you out of the ‘buzzing’ head space energy.


  1. On the first day of your menstrual cycle – REST.  >This is a time when it is absolutely OK to disconnect…from your computer and all technology.  Our menstrual time was always a time to retreat from ‘usual’ life when we lived in tribes and communities.  This was a time when we honoured the feminine cycle and got to regenerate, rest and release.  We not only need this time to recharge our batteries but to also reconnect with ourselves so that we can evaluate our choices and live life feeling our physical, emotional and energetic presence every day.

Staying Connected and Receiving

So what happens for a woman when she becomes more connected to her body, emotions, energy and feminine essence?

Well aside from actually being more present in her own life which is really everything to enjoying each moment of life; she will feel healthier, happier and lighter.  She allows emotion to move through her rather than letting it get stuck, fester and lead to illness.  People (be that men, women or children) will be more ‘attracted’ to her.  As will abundance, opportunities, love, connections and all of life.  She feels both grounded and connected to earth as well as connected to her own divine nature.  Inspiration flows and therefore creative ideas for projects and collaborations that feel joyful and juicy start to emerge.

Your energy and how connected you are to yourself is EVERYTHING.  
Because it affects EVERYTHING.



We all need support in our lives; the most ‘independent’ women who want to appear that they have everything in order need it the most.  We need support in many different ways to keep returning to the highest vision we have for our lives, our health and well-being, relationships and work.  To stay ‘on track’ and to keep re-connecting to what’s important to us, to our individual and collective truths and desires requires focus and attention. This does not mean looking for answers outside of yourself, it means receiving support from someone who guides you into being your own guide.  Into listening and trusting your own knowing and internal guidance system.

When you receive support to focus on what’s really important for you, it amplifies that focus. 

One of the first steps is to ask for it.  The second is to be open to actually receiving it and allowing yourself to be supported and heard.  How does it feel if you put yourself first; your health, well-being, your desires?  What if you give yourself permission without waiting to hear it from outside of yourself.  Why are you even waiting for permission?  And from whom are you waiting for it?  Your parents?  Your partner?  Your friends?  What conditioning have you learnt around receiving and giving to yourself…first?  Little bit selfish maybe?

It is learning to cherish ourselves that gives us strength (see quote above).  Learning to treat ourselves as Queens (note, Queens, NOT Princesses).  The energy of the Queen is powerful, regal and strong, she is a leader yet is supported by many.

You do not need permission from anyone else to give yourself quality, focussed attention on a regular basis.  Then when you give, you give from the overflow of your fullness.

The transition from one calendar  year to the next signifies a time for reflection, on the year we are leaving behind to focus on dreams for the year ahead.

I invite you to begin the new year with an attitude of abundance, clarity and connection to yourself.  To cherish yourself.

I invite you to GET CONNECTED:


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Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany


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