Do you feel that ancient wisdom, that deep knowing within you that guides you to what your body and soul truly longs for?

Do you feel an inner voice calling, whispering ever more steadily to you but you can’t quite hear it yet or you’re just not listening?

Do you long to trust what you know regardless of what other people may think? (and I’m not talking about the informational knowing in your brain but the deep, instinctual knowing in your whole being).

This week I tapped into that ancient wisdom that I know resides within me when I visited Balnuaran of Clava, a prehistoric cemetery in the north east of Scotland.  This ancient burial site, just around the corner from the famous Culloden Moore, is visited by people from all over the world.  It’s between 3-4,000 years old.  And the complexity of the architecture of these cairns is held in high esteem.  Like the architecture found in ancient cultures of the Incas and Mayans in South America and the ancient Egyptian cultures; the cairns were built with regard to the light of the sun and the solstice with particular attention given to the colour, shape and texture of each stone.

Like most ancient native/indigenous cultures on the planet, they were wise in the ways of the natural world.  Much of the wisdom they had came from a deep connection to and understanding of the earth.  It’s exciting to see a revival of ancient wisdom in western cultures in-particular (where it seems it has been ‘lost’ for a very long time!).

So this week I share with you in the video which I shot inside one of the cairns:

  • What the ancient cultures knew
  • How to Access Your own wisdom
  • The Importance of Trusting in what you know

Clava Cairn near Culloden Moore in Scotland
Here are 3 Ways in which you can begin to access the ancient wisdom with you:
  • Visit an ancient site (like the one I visited here) and tune-in to the energy of the land and the wisdom of the people who designed it.
  • Spend a good chunk of time alone in nature, somewhere preferably wild and allow yourself to withdraw from the modern world.
  • Listen to your own feminine rhythm, listen and honour your menstrual cycle because therein lies great wisdom within your own body.

How do you access your ancient wisdom?  Leave a comment on right here on the blog and let us know!

Keep watching to find out where I’ll be next week!

From Clava Cairns in Scotland,

Keep Creating & Connecting….

with Love